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How to Apply for Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2018/2019

How to Apply for Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2018/2019

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA,. are you in search for the way on how to apply for Nigeria customs service recruitment? On this current article we are going to offer you tips to and the way you’ll be able to be part of the custom administration of Nigeria, merely browse on.

Before we have a tendency to proceed it’ll be of excellent facilitate to possess correct information of the Nigeria customs. Just in case you don’t apprehend nevertheless, The Nigeria Custom Service (NCS) is an autonomous workplace beneath the superior oversight of the Nigerian Ministry of Finance, guilty of the gathering of customs revenue and anti-smuggling efforts.

How to Apply for Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2017/2018 – Registration Form

To join the Nigeria customs service there are things there are things expected of you and some procedure you must experience, to get you mindful and place you in the correct approach to achieve your fantasy of joining the Nigeria custom is the reason this post is assembled.

Nigeria Customs Recruitment Requirement

Nigeria Customs Recruitment Age Qualification

The NCS required minimum age of 18 years and maximum age of 35 years. This mean applicant must not be younger than 18 years at the time of applying for the to join the Nigeria custom and not older than 35 years.

Nigeria Customs Recruitment Educational Qualifications

Before you consider yourself fit to join the customs service you must have acquire either any one of the education certificate. SSCE, NECO, GCE, NCE, HND, ND, BSC.

Nigeria Customs Recruitment Height Qualification

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Men – 1.68, women – 1.65

Imperative individual qualities

This activity isn’t suited for opportunity cherishing and hot-tempered individuals. Customs service representatives are relied upon to have tirelessness, obligation, the capacity to settle on choices and to consent to orders.


Any error or breakdown can make harm to the nation. Also, you may wind up confronting different punishments. To maintain a strategic distance from issues, proficiency and persistence must be your fundamental qualities.

How to Apply for Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment

  • To start with, you have to go to the Nigeria custom administration official site
  • Fill the online recruitment form
  • Print application form and fill it in
  • Prepare required set of documents, such as
  • Local government attestation form;
  • Parent consent form;
  • Acknowledgment form.

If you don’t mind take a gander at the case of the welcome letter for meet from Nigeria custom administration below.


How to Apply for Nigeria Customs Service RecruitmentProcess of filling form

Superintendent cadre

In the event that you need to get such a position, you need a Bachelor’s degree. The below average lower division is a base prerequisite.

Inspector cadre

To fill this opening, you are to give Higher National Diploma from any respectable Polytechnic. However, in the event that you have just National Diploma or National Certificate of Education, you can decide on the Inspector’s partner position.

Assistant cadre

You need to have at least 5 credits in your Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. The mandatory subjects are English and Mathematics. You can likewise give your General Certificate of Education. Same conditions apply (5 subjects), 2 sittings is the most extreme.

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How to Apply for Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment-Advice

It will be of good interest to make sure the customs service which you visit is verified proper before you begin procession. Also note that the Nigeria customer service recruitment is only available once every year and the registration form is totally free for any applicant.

When will 2018 or 2019 Customs Service Recruitment Be On?

Also stay aware that the customs service website is not always open for application, it only available for application when the customs service wish to get people to apply but must surely be available every year. This is to say a specific month is not giving, You are required to always check on the website. For those who would want us to send them notification when this year registration is on, drop your comment without any form of contact below.

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