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How To Buy Airtime From UBA Bank Account

How To Buy Airtime From UBA Bank Account

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about How To Buy Airtime From UBA Bank Account, this post contains all the necessary details on How To Load Airtime From UBA Bank Account.

UBA Airtime Recharge Code – This article contains a simple USSD Code to buy airtime from UBA account in Nigeria – How to load recharge card from your UBA bank account to your mobile phone.

Enjoy data free airtime purchase today using easy to remember mobile USSD code via your United Bank of Africa account in Nigeria. In some of my previous post, I showed you how to check your bank account number and account balance directly from your mobile device but today, I will be sharing yet another great tip that will show you how to top-up airtime credit on your line.

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Then this post is just the perfect place to derive answers to your search questions.

With a simple UBA airtime recharge code, you can just load any amount of airtime you like, directly on your mobile phone using an associated network SIM (Airtel, Glo, MTN, Ntel, and Etisalat) you will be able to use UBA bank USSD code to recharge your mobile line and pay from your UBA Account.

How To Buy Airtime From UBA Account (UBA Airtime Recharge Code)

UBA Mobile Recharge USSD Codes

  • To top-up airtime, dial *389*033*1*Amount# on your mobile, e.g, dial *389*033*1*500# to recharge ₦500 airtime on your mobile device.

UBA mobile banking platform has made mobile banking easier – the mobile recharge codes above are relevant only to those that wants to load money from their UBA account. In addition, you can see my earlier post on how to recharge your phone from any bank in Nigeria, especially for those that don’t use UBA.

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How To Top-up Airtime via UBA Mobile App.

If you can’t use the simple USSD code shared above, then you will have to use the mobile app method to load airtime credit with UBA account.

Can I buy UBA airtime for another person?

With “UBA app airtime recharge top-up”, you won’t only load airtime on your registered phone, you can also send airtime to third-party phone numbers not associated with your account.

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