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How To Exchange iTunes gift Card For money

How To Exchange iTunes gift Card For money
How to exchange gift card to perfect money instantly

Welcome to Income Nigeria. This article contains all the necessary details you need to How to exchange iTunes gift card for money in Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa.

Where To Exchange iTunes gift Card For money

Thanks for visiting my website today. You must have come across this website because you probably searched for the following terms i listed below on Google search engine.

Well, this article in enriched with some Juicy details on how to go about it. There are many webite out there which claims to “Exchange iTunes gift card for money” in Nigeria or beyond. Such sites includes Paxful, iTunes Income Nigeria, and the rest. You might have tried out Paxful once or twice and how did it work out for you?

how to Sell itunes gift card in Nigeria

Sell itunes gift card

I wouldn’t know unless you tell me.

I got a call fro one of my friend whose Sister in U.S.A sent a card to and instead of redeeming it, she decide to sell it for money and convert the iTunes Card to Nigerian Naira. Initially she went on Facebook, probably because she had seen a lot of adverts on people buying iTunes gift card and funding your account instantly. She then went on to give it a try. After sending the card to the person on Facebook in hopes to receive her money but you know what happened?

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Immediately, She was blocked by the person that she sent the card to. After complaining for me, I decided to give her a clue because of next time.

How To Exchange iTunes gift Card For money in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa.

Firstly, You can convert your card by Visiting this website here, It is a Nigerian designed website for Gift card exchange and bitcoin exchange perfectly designed by our web developers to solve the problems associated with Gift card conversion in Nigeria.

Secondly, You need to make sure your card is still valid and hasn’t been redeemed by anyone else.

Thirdly, You need to make sure that your gift card is in Physical form, Not e-codes or electronic codes.

To convert your card, You have to scratch the pin code area till the gift card codes are revealed, then Snap and send.

It usually takes less than 10 minutes to get credited.

Recently, I also came across a website called Its a USA based website that helps convert iTunes gift card to PayPal money. I don’t know if this will be very convenient for you. You need to use a USA IP address to sign up with them and also you need a Valid address. You can also visit their website today to check out on them and know if their requirements suits you.

And that’s all for How To Exchange iTunes gift Card For money instantly in Nigeria, Ghana , Malaysia or Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gift cards Exchange

Question:- Where can i sell my Amazon gift card for money?

Answer:- To sell your Amazon gift cards, you need to follow the same steps i mentioned above. Always make sure your card are valid and visible enough. This is to prevent any complications.

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Question:- Do i need to have the receipt for my iTunes or Amazon Card?

For iTunes gift card, The answer is No, but for Amazon gift card, the answer remains yes and yes, But if you don’t have the receipt don’t worry, All hope is not yet lost. It can still be converted but for a lesser value.

You can call me personally on 08132097108 today to convert yours of better still, Visit our iTunes Gift card website here to read more.

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