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10 Good Reasons To Start Blogging Using Blogger Platform

10 Good Reasons To Start Blogging Using Blogger Platform

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Reasons To Start Blogging Using Blogger Platform, this post contains all the necessary details on Reasons why you should definitely Start Blogging Using Blogger Platform.

Reasons To Start Blogging Using Blogger Platform~For Beginners

Today, blogging is not unknown term, specifically for those who spend majority of their time on their PCs with internet connections. Simply due to its popularity, one can identify more than 250,000,000 blogsites in this virtual world which are based on various specialties and niche. Accordingly, before deciding to get involved in this vast world of  blogging, it is essential to instill investment in yourself to make a blog-site. In alternate statements, the three motivational factor that moves people to blogging this days are Income, Passion and Benevolence. Primarily, Blogs can be planned on different subjects but the prevailing thing is in which niche or specialty you are more interested in.

After having all of this clear in our minds, now lets talk about how one can begin blogging. Blogging can be started using lots of platforms available over the internet which Blogger is one of those platforms. Pyra Labs was that small company who played the fundamental function in improving Blogger and came to be truly prominent before it was then acquired by Google in the year 2003. Blogger is the absolute bundle for a successful blogging adventure. Utilizing blogger even a beginner can in addition compose a glorious and breathtaking blogsite without stress. Along these lines, for beginners as well as professional bloggers, Blogger is the top and top notch platform for blogging. Below i will be giving out few reasons  to choose blogger as a platform to start up a blogging career:

1. Free : The reason behind the fame of blogger as a blogging platform is that it offers its services absolutely  free of charge and  also a free Sub-domain  as The essential necessity getting to join Blogger is to have an account with Google.

2. Ownership : Google is owns Blogger. As we all know, Google is a major ordeal with bunches of cash in its pocket. In this way, it is moreover one of the fundamental purposes behind its popularity.

3. Simple to use : Blogging with Blogger is particularly well known and easy to use. Blogger do not require any specialized terms and this aspect make it a very popular platform for blogging.

4. Offers free templates : Another reason to go for Blogger is that it gives out various wonderful and stunning templates and without charging you a penny. What you need do is just to download the template you like and afterward transfer it to your blog.

5. Use of different gadgets : Gadgets are one of the main attractions on a perfect blog and Blogger is the only platform that permits you to put on countless gadgets in your blog/blogs. All also all of this are available for free. The essential ones available with the bloggers that you ought to utilize are Pro Subscription Widget, Hand Drawn Social Symbols, Facebook Like Box and  more.

6. Customization : Blogger is likewise acclaimed for its flexibility features which gives you the ability to probably tweak the look of your template with a basic use and understanding of HTML codes and CSS

7. SEO : Within a short time, sites made on Blogger tends to get indexed by Google very fast. For progressing prevalence of any blog, SEO is absolutely very important and this might be finished effortlessly with Blogger.

8. Web-Host is not required : Using blogger for your blogsite, You do not need to worry about getting a webspace to host your blog. Blogger uses Google as its server that offers this service for free.

9. Monetization of your blog : Blogs made by on Blogger platform requires not to fear for the monetization of their blog. The prevailing emphasize of Blogger is that Adsense can be added in their sites for gaining income through CPC adverts.

10. Reliable :Best of all, Google servers are quite reliable and safe in the web world.


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