11 Hot Ways To Earn Money As An NYSC Corp Member

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Are you a university graduate and you are looking for ways to make money as a NYSC corp member in Nigeria, This article contains the  top ten Ways To Make Money As An NYSC Corp Member.

Legit ways to Make Money As An NYSC Corp Member

As an NYSC Youth Corp member, it is unwise to waste all your time and hope depending on the stipend paid by the government which amounts to noting. The expenses of life coupled with the deadening costs of things can barely support the N19, 800 paid at month end. Most times the N19, 800 paid finishes before the months comes to an end and you will be wandering from pillar to post seeking for help.

The NYSC period could be the amplest time to generate massive income for yourself if you know what to do. There are certain businesses you could venture in and opportunities you could pick up, perhaps start small and watch it grow into something very big with time. Before you finish your NYSC program, you would have become an employer of labor yourself, contributing to the national economy and developing your own persona.

Below are some of the existing and working businesses which you could venture into while serving as an NYSC member and generate massive income within your service year:

1). Do Research/Projects for students:

As an NYSC Youth Corp member, you have already passed through the academic process. Having passed through the four walls of the University, Polytechnic, College etc., you know best students’ needs and how to meet them.

Do you know you could make a whole lot of money offering student consultation services in schools where you are serving for a fee? Students want to be successful in their career, and the enlightened ones are ready to pay to get this knowledge.

Additionally, you could be helping students with their school projects which prices could range from N50, 000 per project to over N200, 000, depending on the level of tediousness and technicality involved.

So, why are you folding your hands and staying idle, waiting for N19, 800 stipends from the Government when you could be pocketing well over N1, 000, 000 offering research and projects assistance services to students? You better be up and doing with the novel business idea right away!

2). Organize Professional Training Services:

You can make money by organizing training and seminars within and outside your neighborhood. Entrepreneurial training is one of the biggest areas you could venture into and make a lot of money from by helping people acquire certain profitable skills for their businesses.

You don’t have to be a professional before you can venture into this business. You could simply follow YouTube videos and practice them. If you are sharp enough, you could be learning over 30 skills within a short space of time and teach people same practically for money.

 3). Start An Agricultural Business:

You will make so much money if you venture into this field. You hardly lose in agricultural business unless you don’t do it well. So, if you are good at it and keep to the rules governing this business, you are bound to do very well in it.

In all, you need the right tools and equipment to succeed in modern-day agriculture. Some examples of agriculture businesses you could venture into include poultry farming, piggery, rabbit farming, snail farming, etc. Poultry farming itself is very wide and includes the raising of birds for eggs and meat. Another area is goat rearing, especially local goats.

In the plant agriculture, you could go into cucumber plantation, watermelon cultivation, etc. you could even take to the importation aspect of agribusiness which is another goldmine on its own.

4). Start A Dry Cleaning or Laundry Service:

Dry cleaning business or laundry service is very lucrative. You can be visiting houses to get jobs at first. Once you have a lot of orders, by which time you must have gathered sufficient cash, you may consider renting a space at an affordable rate. This could be a shop or an open space. But start from where you live first. That is, start small and grow big.

5). Start A Home Tutoring (Tutorial) Service:

Do not shy away from this lucrative business which sells like hot-cake. You have gone to school – you have gathered expert knowledge, at least to an extent. By and large, you have what to offer in terms of knowledge to others in the lower wrung of the academia.

Whatever you are good at, academically, use it to earn a living. Or, of what use would your schooling of many years be if you cannot transmit what you have upstairs to cash, yet you are hungry and penniless?

You could teach candidates preparing for WAEC, NECO, JAMB, UTME etc. as well as Primary/Secondary and Post-secondary students preparing for internal/external exams.

In this business, the earnings depend on the Client’s pocket but by and large, you could make between N10, 000 and N50, 000 per student. If you run this business for say, 10 clients, you know how much that could transmit as compared to what the government pays at month end, N19, 800.

6). Start A Photography Business:

As an NYSC Youth Corp member, understand that Photography business is a very high paying business today. Forget about the stiff competition. You can go far if you are good, and you promote yourself very well – a big thanks to the advent of the social media. If you know graphics and designs very well, or even a bit of it, that will be an added advantage as you will be eating from “both sides of the mouth”. What that means is that you would be offering photography services and at the same time, handling graphics and design services. When you apply your knowledge of graphics and designs to photography, you have an added advantage over those who don’t.

7). Start A Tailoring Business:

Yes, start a tailoring business. To do this, you need sewing machines which are not all that expensive. With your savings and assistance from friends, relatives, you should be able to get one within a short time.

To get jobs, interact and advertise your trade to people with your vicinity. Avoid unnecessary delay of people’s job, if you wish to go far in this business. Always be truthful and honest. Dishonesty and delay are some of the biggest challenges in this business which if you can deal with and be different will keep your clients/customers coming back.

8). Start A Bakery Business:

As an NYSC Youth Corp member, if you have baking skills, you could make a lot of money baking confectioneries like cakes, fish roll, and other sausages. People are somewhat scared of taking to this business due to inadequate knowledge of the market environment and how to get clients quickly, given the presence of already existent experts and veterans in this field.

Now do this:

  1. Be very good at it.
  2. Make beautiful designs.
  3. Bake cake according to specification and class.
  4. Make it affordable.
  5. Advertise it online and offline.
  6. Use social media like Facebook and Instagram to run adverts on it.
  7. Pay bigger websites for adverts.
  8. Use radio or television to promote it.
  9. Send out complimentary cards.
  10. Distribute flyers.
  11. Create a billboard post
  12. Etc.

9). Start A Food Supply Business:

Welcome to food supply business. This kind of business model suits female NYSC youth Corp members best, especially those who are knowledgeable in the art of cooking and culinary services. You don’t have to be an expert before you take to this business as an NYSC youth Corp member. You can even do it as a male; there is no disparity in this. If you at least know how to cook tasty meals, then you are good to go.

Food supply business fetches a lot of money. Get to the labor markets and see foods that are moving very well and start serving people this meal for money. You do not need a shop at first. All you need is a little startup capital, home utensils, and cooking items.

Reach out to where those products could be sold for a lesser price and buy them. Use your friends to start the business by telling them you will deliver their launch to them at their places of work. Continuous delivery will pick peoples’ interest and they will start placing orders.

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