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10 Ways to Make Money Online From Blogging

10 Ways to Make Money Online From Blogging
Ways to Make Money Online From Blogging

Welcome to INCOME NIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Ways to Make Money Online From Blogging, this post contains all the necessary details on Top Ways to Make Money Online From Blogging.

Making Money Online From Blogging

It is relatively easier to start a blog and continuously post relevant content to keep your audience, but definitely more difficult to make money from blogging. However, this does not change the fact that blogging is one of the most lucrative ways of making passive income.

While it allows you to work at your own convenience, the much that you will make from blogging solely depends on your ongoing efforts to publish great content, grow your audience and test various money-making strategies.

If you are new to blogging, however, you may need a review of the following proven strategies to help you get started.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods that bloggers use to make money online. This is the fastest and perhaps easiest way of making money because all you need is a connection with clients who have content that needs to be sold online. Right from stores such as Amazon and eBay to websites that offer services at a fee, there are a wide range of content that you can sell on your blog as long as you have the right audience.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to come up with the products yourself. Simply negotiate with clients who need their contents sold and showcase them on your blog. With a number of people clicking on those links and making purchases, you will as well get your commission.

However, be careful to display the kind of content that you think will be relevant to your audiences. This will require extensive research and frequent testing of different goods and services.

2. Creation of Content 

There is a large number of people who have made a lot of money by creating and marketing their own content. While it takes time and effort to create such content, it will definitely earn you more money compared to other strategies. The kind of content that you can create includes eBooks and such things as online coaching programs.

3. Banner Advertisements

It is yet another sure way of making money through blogging, but one which is as old as the blogging business itself. Clients will need to advertise their products and services on your blog, after which they will pay you. However, you ought to be a successful blogger commanding a reasonable audience before you can get a good number of banner adverts that pay well.

4. Consulting Services 

This is one of the fields that are less explored. Offering consulting services simply mean identifying an area of expertise in which you will offer consultancy services. Choose an area such as life coaching, personal training, event planning or even corporate team building. Cultivate your knowledge in one of these fields and offer consultancy services to individuals and companies alike.

5. Sponsored Reviews

This involves getting sponsored or paid-to-write reviews for a particular website or brand. A few people have had problems with this form of money making because honest reviews require that you write about products that you have tested. However, you can carry out extensive research about the products that you have been paid to review. With all facts at hand, you can then write honest reviews that are of value to your clients and readers.

6. Building an Email List

Building an email list will earn you money fast and do good to your blog as well. However, you must have something meaningful to offer your audience whenever you collect their email addresses. If you are selling products and services for instance, giving some kind of offer will lure your audience to sign up. As you email them more and more of your products, services and links, you will definitely make more money.

7. Ask for Donations

Although there is no promise of making a lot of money with this strategy, it is worth a try, especially if your readers are benefiting from your content, products and services. When developing a blog, therefore, aim at enriching people’s lives by giving them relevant knowledge, products or services.

This will earn you their trust, making it reasonable whenever you ask them to support your work through donations. All you need is a bold and enticing donation button on your blog and they will surely contribute.

8. Sell Membership Packages

Whenever you run a blog, you can easily establish a membership area with various packages. In one basic package, allow anyone to access the content and products that you post. To make sure you earn from membership packages, however, establish a special section where people have to pay in order to gain access. In this section, you can display important content such as tutorials, digital downloads, eBooks and free giveaways.

9. Selling Blogs

Very few people can agree that this is a method of making income through blogging but indeed it is. There are people who have made thousands of dollars by selling their blogs. Here is the sense; a number of online users understand the value of blogging but they shrink at the thought of establishing a blog from zero and building their audience.

These are the people you should target. Make one of the most attractive blogs and you will surely earn more by selling it compared to what you could have earned by managing it yourself. Unless you have other agendas such as fame, it is reasonable to start blogs and later sell them.

10. Pay Per Click Advertisements 

Complex as it may sound; it involves placing ads on your website using certain codes issued by clients such as affiliate websites. Each time that your visitors click on the ad, you definitely earn some income from your client. Google Adsense is the most popular program offering such a service where you earn each time visitors click on your content. On the other hand, it is one of the cheapest forms of blog monetization.

In summary, there is a limitless number of ways through which one can make an income online through blogging. Depending on what you like and your niche, one method may suit you while the other one doesn’t. It is all a matter of researching and trying different strategies to find out what suits you best. With the above 10 ways of making money online from blogging, you will never go wrong.

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