5 Unequivocal Benefits of Blog Commenting

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Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Benefits of Blog Commenting, this post contains all the necessary details on 5 unquestionable Benefits of Blog Commenting.

5 Unequivocal Benefits of Blog Commenting

If you are an online marketer or better still, if there’s anything you market online, you know that you need traffic, maybe huge traffic to really complement your efforts.

Actually there are a good number of ways of getting people to see the products in which you market and sell, but blog commenting seems to be the best among several options.

I will tell you why.

Blog commenting helps you build quality relationships with quality people and if you know how to connect and get into the heart of these folks, you are sure to really achieve your desired results, which is to sell your products effectively.

Hence, in this article, my assignment will simply be to espouse to you the little knowledge and success I have had with this strategy or should I say method of driving huge website traffic.

Please stay with me…

5 Unequivocal Benefits of Blog Commenting

#1. It Builds Strong & Lasting Relationships

This has to be the first point on this list and that’s because blog commenting is highly effective and substantial in really helping you build strong and long lasting relationships with people you don’t know and might never get the chance of ever seeing.

I know this because I have a firsthand experience with blog commenting and I believe I am sure in the best position to well, discuss this topic with you.

Looking back to my growing years as a blogger – I speak of those times in 2013 when I yet was starting out as a blogger whose knowledge about blogging was quite parochial and shallow; I had tried my hands on so many things all in the name of driving website traffic.

Trust me I regretted getting involved in some of these methods of driving blog traffic but one I still thank heavens for is ‘blog commenting’.

I remember I got so many benefits from religiously doing blog commenting and some of them included; getting quality backlinks to my blog, plenty guest blog request (some of which led to making money online), plethora meaningful and well-woven blog comments and the list is endless.

But one that however stood out to me was this – it helped me build strong and long lasting relationships with my blog visitors and the many more from the blogs I visit.

How does this whole thing work?

Well, quite simple.

I map out at least 15 blogs I find the most useful and relating to my blog’s niche, then I begin my quest of reading these blogs and dropping power-comments on them.

That’s it. Really!

If you find a pretty long and invaluable comment as the picture below, what would you do?

Of course you would want to click-through to find out who this person with much meaningful words as this is and BOOOOM, you are already following! That’s winning people’s heart over to you and hence, a relationship is being built.

Get my drift?

#2. Helps to Drive Traffic

Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!!

It is the lifeblood of every successful blog and without it you don’t stand a chance at making sales in the online space. You’d just get really frustrated as to quitting the business of blogging. Not fair to you, considering the weeks, months, or maybe years of effort you’ve had to put into the whole thing.

So it becomes extremely important for you to really drive website traffic, just so you can get a good number of people patronizing you, your business and buying your products.

How are you going to do this?

This becomes the question that begs for an answer. Well, I will do well to give to you, the answer. ?

Like the point I made above, you’ve got to map out some really popular blogs and begin commenting on them. Please drop only superb and powerful comments on them. It’s the only way you’d be able to get them coming to your own blog or your checkout pages.

To get really huge website traffic means taking your time to really read the blog editor’s article, understand it, and drop your invaluable insight on the subject being discussed.

Now, doing this religiously will stand effective as helping you drive traffic and make mouthwatering sales online.

Oleg’s great post on how to get traffic and generate lead should really get you started on some more cool options other than blog commenting to get huge website traffic.

#3. More Subscribers

Ever heard of the mantra ‘The money is in the list?’

Well, that’s pretty true.

The money is in the list and there are a good number of people making huge money from affiliate marketing and selling their own information products by simply mailing out these products to the persons on their lists.

When you have 30-50k people subscribed to your list, you can be sure to make huge return on your investment (ROI). That makes huge sense. Doesn’t it?

The secret though is in learning to double the numbers of subscribed persons on your list and one of the ways savvy internet marketers double their ‘Email List’ numbers is in doing blog commenting.

Some of them go as far as hiring this task out to persons on Fiverr for only $5 to simply help them in submitting massive comments on blogs on the internet-web.

Even though I feel they go overboard with this. You must have noticed a lot of spam comments on your blog. That’s the resulting effort of spamable blog comments.

However, intelligently engaging in blog commenting will most times drive people to come visiting your blog, which in turn will enjoin them to opt into your email list. This is effective especially when you’ve got a great blog running and a good BRIBE in FREEBIES.

Try this out and thank me later!

#4. Get Quality backlinks

‘Not all links are equal!’

I trust you’ve heard these words before. Have you not?

Well, that’s the truth.

Of course, you can’t compare a backlink gotten from Neil Patel’s QuickSprout to one gotten from a certain blog that has less and irrelevant blog posts.

Hope that drives home my point?

It’s good to want to do blog commenting but you must be sure of your objectives, the goals and what you hope to get from engaging in this method of driving website traffic.

Are you about the numbers or the sales?

Take my advice; only comment on quality and top blogs in your niche and not just anyhow blogs if you are about getting quality traffic that will pay you for your efforts and time invested into commenting on these many blogs.

It is as simple as ABC, right?

#5. You get to make sales.

Sales! Sales!! Sales!!!

This is the reason why you are probably still doing what you are doing. Yes, it’s the reason why you are even reading this post. I got you there, right?! ?

Now, it is either you are hoping to make sales from the efforts in what you do or you are already making sales and hope to make even more sales.

At least I know that the latter drives me up from bed most mornings. And I just want to really double my earnings.

Is that familiar to you?

Oh it is!


But you know this is not going to be possible if you are not first of all driving traffic, maybe huge traffic to your website and sales point.

The higher the traffic you get, the higher your chances at doubling your earnings.

It is that simple.

But how many of us are really driving huge website traffic? Are we not just forming and complaining bitterly at the back?

I mean there are truckloads of people who mail and buzz me up on Facebook, asking the one million-dollar question, ‘Sam, how do I increase my website traffic?’

My response to these folks as always been to take on the challenge of reading at least 10-15 blog posts on a daily and of course imprint your invaluable thoughts on them. The result was and continues to be mouthwatering for me as it has helped me in becoming a celebrated blogger whom everyone wants to hire and do business with.

Wrapping Up

I want to believe that my 5 Unequivocal Benefits of Blog Commenting will get you out of the worries of not getting enough website traffic to getting more than enough and making even more sales via your online business models.

Hope this post was helpful?

If it is what I hope it is, please do drop a line or two in the comment section of this post just so I know how helpful and useful it is to you. Please don’t hesitate in sharing it with your friends if you feel it will be of huge benefits to them.

Thanks for stopping by and consuming the whole texts. Do have a great day ahead!

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