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6 Simple Reasons Why Most Blogs and Bloggers Fail

6 Simple Reasons Why Most Blogs and Bloggers Fail

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Simple Reasons Why Most Blogs and Bloggers Fail, this post contains all the necessary details on Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail.

Most people after reading an income report from a popular blogger’s blog, they finally come to the conclusion that they’ve found a high paying and nice career to prepare for retirement, and then delve into blogging. Blogging is quite a wonderful career no doubt, but do you think it is really a get rich quick scheme? The simple answer is hell “NO” and that is the reason most of these new blogs fail.

I decided to write this article to outline the various reasons why most new blogs fail and how you can succeed as a blogger avoiding these failures.

Why Most Blogs Fail

1. No Laid Down Strategy

As a Newbie in the blogosphere, you probably have not learnt a lot of things and this kinda discourages lots of people. I keep telling Newbies that consistency is the key to success. If you can find time to reading blogs by other big shots in your Niche, it can help you go a long way in your blog. You learn lots of stuff, and this helps you develop a strategy and blogging pattern that would boost your blog in the long run.

2. No Personality

I have come to realize from experience that people love a blog that has a personality behind it. For example, I once ran an entertainment blog, but I never used a real name for the author, and despite the promotions, the interaction was crawling. Considering other such blogs which have a face tagged to them tend to grow popular quick, some of which include Linda Ikeji’s Blog. It is advised that you use your real name for the author so your blog can be associated with a person, this attracts more people from experience.

3. Lack Of Time

Simply because you want to make money blogging like John Chow doesn’t mean you good to start a blog. Blogging requires and saps time just like any other job, but most people find this out and can no longer cope with the stress involved and they back out. If you want to venture into blogging, then you must make time for it unless you wish your blog to become a failure.

4. Short Of Content Ideas

This is one thing even experienced by the pro-bloggers and authors, there are times when bloggers hit writers block. In this case, they run out of blogging content ideas. This kills the audience you have built before, because if people come back and do not find new content over a period of time, they resort to not coming again. This is another reason why your blog would fail. It is quite easy to get fresh content ideas.

5. Laziness

Sorry to say this, but most people are really lazy and this shows in their blogging. Blogging I must say is not for lazy people and requires hard work. As I earlier said, you have to learn new innovations in the blogosphere to keep your blog up to date, write articles frequently and most of all do loads of backlink building, and for those lazy folks I guess you’ll fall out of the game when you can’t cope with this.

6. Lack Of SEO Skills

It is quite true that most bloggers might not have a knowledge of Search Engine Optimization but it is of great importance to have a basic knowledge of it if you wish to succeed and run a successful blog. I recommend you specialize on the On Page SEO and you can pay SEO firms to handle your Off Page SEO. This would go to a very extent in improving your blog’s traffic and save you from becoming a failure. The truth is SEO is the key to gaining huge traffic to your blog.

Now, I guess you would never want your blogging career to become a flop, then avoid the above listed points and apply consistency to your blogging career and watch your blog grow to success.



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