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6 Things To Do Before Publishing A Post

6 Things To Do Before Publishing A Post

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Things To Do Before Publishing A Post, this post contains all the necessary details on Things You Must Do Before Publishing Your Post Online.

7 Important Things To Do Before Publishing A Post

There are lots of blogs out there, and if you do not take precautionary measures before publishing an article, you would definitely loose your hard earned traffic to your competitors. Before you publish a post on your blog, their a simple things to take into consideration in order to satisfy your readers. The list i’ll be making will also affect your Search Engine Rank Position (SERP), and it can turn in more search engine traffic if taken into proper consideration.

There are a lot of things which you often look down on, but they are a must do before publishing a post.

Here is a list of 6 Must DOs before publishing a blog post.

1. Interlink Your Blog Posts

This is where most bloggers fail, there are lots of blogs I go through daily, and what I discover about them is that they rely more on Related Post Plugins to display some other articles from their blog. Now, i’m not condemning the Related Post stuff, a major way to engage your readers, reduce your bounce rate and also pass link juice between your articles is simply by interlinking your blog articles. It is advisable you interlink your blog post to anchor keywords that relate to the titles, also using the rel follow tag is a must do for maximum blog SEO.

2. Targeted Keywords

It is a must to check your blog post for the right usage and placement of keywords related to the article title. Proper keyword density and placement is very much necessary to boost your search engine rankings, therefore this is very much important for a healthy blog post.

3. Using Meta Tags

I’ve read lots of articles where bloggers say Meta tags such as the “Meta Description”, “Meta Keywords”, “Meta Robots” etc no longer matter for your ranking in the Google Search Engine, and most bloggers no longer make use of them. One thing i’ll like to let you know, even if this is true, it is advisable you make those Meta Entries as you do not know what the next Google Ranking Algorithm would consider in ranking blogs. Moreover, Google is not the only search engine out there, and others still consider this Meta properties of a blog post. It is quite easy to add Meta Tags to articles these days, there are plugins such as All In One SEO, SEO by Yoast, and even most framework themes have this capability. This is a must do before publishing a post.

4. External Links Loading Location

I hardly forget this when making a blog post because it has become a part of me. While linking to  external posts, make sure you set them to open in a new window location using the target=”_blank” link attribute. This is very necessary in order to send your visitor away.

5. Insert Images and Videos

An image they say speaks a thousand words. In every article you are to publish, make a suiting image, and if necessary add up a video for the post. This tends to catch your visitors attention and would keep them coming back for more. This fact can never be over emphasized. Images and Videos are quite important in  your post before your publish them.

6. Proofread and Preview Before Publishing

You never know what typographical errors you might have made on an article until you proofread your work. This is a must do in order to improve your Search Engine Ranking, and in order not to upset your readers. Try as much as possible to go through your post after applying the 5 above mentioned points. If possible, install a spelling check plugin to help you easily achieve this task.

In conclusion, try to apply these above listed points before publishing a blog post. This list of things to do before publishing a post has really helped me build a healthy blog. Hope you too apply them.

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  1. A few months ago, I bookmarked this blog post, as a standard for any post I make. But right now, I have been able to grow my blog to a reasonable state.

    I must say, you did not just write for blogging sake. You have great knowledge about blogging.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Nnanyere Valentine

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