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A-Z Beginner’s Guide for Designing a Website In Nigeria

A-Z Beginner’s Guide for Designing a Website In Nigeria

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Designing a Website In Nigeria ,this post contains all the necessary details on How to effectively Designing a Website In Nigeria.

This Informative article comprises of Everything you Need to know about Designing a Website In Nigeria~A-Z Beginner’s Guide for Designing a Website In Nigeria.

If you have decided to kick-start your web design career or you just wish to start designing websites on you own and you do not know anything yet about Designing a Website. Well there’s no need to fear.

Learning web design is great and it could take you months to learn if you are bent on learning how to create websites from the scratch without any assistance of CMS. But if you intend going the easy way with the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Blogger etc.

When it comes to designing a blog, most people go for WordPress and blogger, but when it comes to other type of websites, WordPress still work well for it. Meaning WordPress is a versatile CMS and it makes it easier for anyone to design their own blog or website, which is great for beginners.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Design Websites

Basically in this posts, I will talk on just two ways to create a website, which is either by creating from the scratch or using a content management system (WordPress).

  • Designing a website from the Scratch

This is a bit tough especially for new website designers who do not have full knowledge on HTML, CSS, Java and other programming languages. if you lack the expertise on this, I will advice you do not even think of starting a website from scratch because its far more complicated creating codes your self. A website takes more than just design it also requires a tightened security at the back end. So instead of starting from the scratch to build a website for your self, it is better your hire a web designer.
Getting a good web designer to do a professional job can cost you few dollars, because it takes a great deal of time for a site from scratch but if you want to skip the hassle and expense you can easily go for CMS such as WordPress.
  • Designing a Website Using WordPress

WordPress is a great open-source CMS which is free to install and use. It is one great platform that comes with various free and paid templates designs (small fees). And this is to the advantage of beginners who have limited knowledge of WebDesign. Each theme has the codes and instructions in theme , all you have to do is install the WordPress themes and customize via the dashboard. You can remove and add your own content. Which makes webdesign under an hour easy. The only issue you can encounter is looking for the right theme.

Customize Your Site with Added Features

Since WordPress is an open-source system, this makes it easy for developers to develop the platform. Up till now, web developers have been able to develop thousand of plugins for the WordPress platform  and most of them are free. those plugins allows beginners got easily optimize the website for SEO, fight spam,  etc. So this platform is a great asset for anyone who doesn’t have an expertise in webdesign but still wants yo create a great site.

Free or Paid WordPress Site

WordPress is available in two form. but basically they are both free, But you are required to host one which you will need to select the best hosting of your choice, then host the CMS script, or rather just create a free account on, choose a free theme, and use any free plugins you can find, with this you do not need to bother your self with hosting.

However, i will advice you go with the first option, this will give you more control over your websites,  and then be able to get more sophisticated and intricate design using a premium WordPress theme.


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