Backlinks Practices: Blog Commenting Or Guest Articles Which Is Better?

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Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Blog Commenting Or Guest Articles ,this post contains all the necessary details on best Backlinks Practices.

This Informative article comprises of Search Engine Optimization best practices

If you are a very good reader of this blog or you’ve read some SEO blogs before, you will surely should already know what backlinks , SEO is and its usefulness when it come to developing a website.

Search Engine Optimization is a very vital part of website development, and also a very good way for marketing a website or blog.

SEO is mainly for getting more attention to your website or blog and also to increase your website traffic in return you get more revenues for your business.

When it comes to SEO and website development, There are many SEO strategies one can take, Mostly “we” web managers make use of only 2 of these strategies the most because they have really proved to be very effective.

These strategies are Blog commenting and posting guest articles which are used mainly to build backlinks which is a very sure way to build a sites visibility in search engines and in return also bring in natural and organic traffic.

However, theres been lots of arguments and discussions on which is better between these two popular SEO strategies “Blog Commenting” and “Guest Articles“. Which of these really is better for backlinks / SEO.

Now lets go in comparison

Blog Commenting VS Guest Articles, Which is better for Backlinks?

1. Guest Articles Always Have DoFollow Backlinks, But Commenting May Or May Not.

This depend on how much you are familiar with the terms SEO and also blogging, If you are really familiar with these terms then you should know what we call “dofollow” and “nofollow.”

Well if you don’t know what they mean. It simply means telling search engines spiders to crawl and  index a link which is with the tag “dofollow” meaning do follow it, while the “nofollow” mean do not follow.

So if you make a guest post there’s greater possibility that you get a dofollow link tags followed with your article which means your link will be crawl-able. which will in return increase your site credibility.

So therefore there’s higher chances that your comment links might not be crawl-able, but visitors who view your comment can click on it.

Though it takes more time to compose a guest post unlike commenting, but it sure brings greater returns that worth the time.

2. Do you know that Guest Post Articles Are Read More Than Comments

When it comes to direct traffic from search engines, commenting may not  really drive you traffic through search engines, but you can get natural traffic from your backlinks when visitors read them and that even depend on “if” people read your comments.

Here the Gist

People are likely to read your rich , quality, captivating guest post more times than comments and even click your links to read more if they enjoy your article.

But with comments it not likely your link will be clicked even if you make a very reasonable comment. Your links might be overlooked.

3. Guest Articles Get Shared All The Time, But Comments Never

This is simple to digest isn’t it?

Its easy for those who read and like your guest post to share them. but comments? hell no.

Or have you seen a share button attached to comments? i bet that is a no.

So that means, links of your article can pop up on other websites and social networks which gives your more exposure and also increase your traffic as well as revenue.

4. Commenting  on a Blog Is Quicker.

Don’t get me wrong,

Am not saying commenting is wrong or bad for backlinks.

If you manage to get sites that has dofollow comments, You can get great traffic by making comments on them which will give you great SEO benefits. i have seen many marketers and SEO pros that had develop their presence through blog commenting.


Because its easy to do.

So blog commenting is quicker if you comment on dofollow blogs. And also create a valid backlinks for you if you comment on dofollow blogs.

5. You Don’t Have To Ask To Submit Your Comment, But You Do Often Need To Get It Approved.

Unlike guest posting, you will need to submit your article for it to be posted, That is you need to really find a blog to submit to,this can be sometimes stressful.

But if you leave a comment, sometimes you will need the author of the blog to approve you.

There’s 97% possibility that you will get approved if you make reasonable comment.

And making a comment and doesn’t get approved doesn’t really take anything from you unlike guest posts that you took hours to compiled and later got disapproved could be so dishearten.

On the Last Note

With the fact that blog commenting and guest articles are very good way to provide quality back links and increase traffic for your website. But i will like to note that Guest posting gets you more valuable returns but definitely you will need more time, more effort to accomplish this unlike commenting.

i am not concluding that blog commenting is a waste of time, but it shouldn’t be the only way you build backlinks, i will advice you rely on both which will give you a helpful boost in SEO and organic traffic.

Whats Your thought, which do you think is better for backlinks?

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  1. Thanks man ,guest posting is always difficult as most of the big websites sitting at the top won’t approve your post

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