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Discover the Best Platform To Sell All Gift Cards For Naira In Nigeria

Discover the Best Platform To Sell All Gift Cards For Naira In Nigeria
Apple Inc. iTunes gift cards are displayed for sale in a Best Buy Co. store in Chesapeake, Virginia, U.S., on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015. In 2011, several big U.S. retailers moved their opening times to midnight; in 2012, Wal-Mart crossed the Rubicon and opened its stores at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. But after last year's Thanksgiving weekend retail sales fell 11 percent from the year before while overall holiday sales rose, some retailers have been reconsidering. Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Dear Readers, Discover the Best Platform To Sell All Gift Cards For Naira In Nigeria or Ghana, South Africa. GiftcardsTrade, N0 .1 Most Trusted Major Dealer in Gift Card exchange services in Nigeria.

GiftcardTrade is buying all forms of gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart Gift cards at the best rate ever. Selling of iTunes gift card is very much easier and comfortable when you trade with our team of trusted personnel. We have payment made in Naira, Bitcoin, Perfect money and payment is made within 5 – 10 Minute of Validation. To visit their official website,

How to Sell Gift Card For Cash in Nigeria


Visit GiftcardTrade to trade your gift cards.

Sell All Gift cards in, 100% reliable


Real Time Facts about our Trading Platform

Fact Number One:

  • Do you Know that we are Direct iTunes gift Card loaders in Nigeria? So there is no need to go through middle men service again, when you can easily trade with us at the best rates Ever.

Fact Number Two:

  • Do you know that We are the biggest Platform for gift card Trading in Nigeria??

Fact Number Three:

  • Do you know that we Trade almost all forms of gift cards in Nigeria??? From iTunes Gift Card to Amazon gift card, To Walmart gift card, All Denominations of Cards are acceptable.
sell gift cards for cash

Best place to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria

Why sell your gift cards to Us?

We help you unlock value trapped in unredeemed gift cards (or even credits received for returned merchandise).

It’s great to receive a gift card to go shopping with! However, sometimes you do not need anything from that store, or maybe you would just prefer cash. This is where Our services helps!

As Nigeria’s largest online gift card marketplace, we offer you:

  1. The simplest and most convenient method to convert your gift cards into cash.
  2. The highest value for your gift cards – because we have the largest number of consumers who are looking to purchase that gift card.
  3. The fastest payment – including an instant payment option.

Our innovative service has helped thousands of Nigerians unlock millions of dollars trapped in their gift cards.

Brands Of Gift Cards Accepted On GiftcardTrade Trading Platform.

We buy USA, UK, Canada, Newzealand iTunes gift cards at a very good rate. denominations accepted includes $25, $50, $100,$200.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

we buy Amazon Gift Cards For Cash or Bitcoins, with receipt or without receipt. We also buy Amazon E-codes and various countries.

convert walmart card to cash in Nigeria

sell walmart gift card for naira

We buy Walmart Gift Cards For Cash or Bitcoins, with receipt or without receipt. We also buy Walmart E-codes and various countries.

How much cash will I receive for my gift card?

Because We are Nigeria’s leading online gift card marketplace, we have the largest base of consumers interested in purchasing your gift card, and are therefor able to offer you the highest price.

How do I receive payment for my gift cards?

Fastest (In fact Instant): Offer amount will instantly be added to your Local bank Account. We also pay in bitcoins or perfect money.

Can I put multiple gift cards in one package?

Yes. of course.

Remember, If you have a gift card that has a big value of $500 single, We don’t buy.

How do I know my gift card will be accepted?

We accepts gift cards from over 450 retailers. We also accept store credits for returned merchandise.

Gift cards sold to Us must:

  • Be an activated gift card.
  • Not have any fees, expiration dates, or other restrictions
  • Not be damaged or unsellable (i.e. Unreadable UPC or Pin)
  • Be redeemable in Canada, USA, Uk, Australia

Unaccepted gift cards will be returned to the seller

What if I have high value gift cards?

Whenever you wish to convert a gift card into cash, you should always bear in mind that we dont trade USA iTunes card above $200. We trade all value codes for Amazon and Walmart

About GiftcardTrade Customer Service.

We are always online, 24/7 ready to attend to your needs. Our customer service is unique in the sense that they are polite, attentive and warm.

You can Contact Giftcard Mart by visiting the website on GiftcardTrade

Our Main goal is to create a Platform of long business sustainability.

Since the inception of our platform, Our main goal is to create a very reliable and Secure platform where Nigerians can trade in their gift cards for cash, Naira and we have succeeded in doing so by keeping to our words and making our customers our first priority.

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