Blog Setup: Let me Build a Professional Blog for you

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Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Building a Professional Blog in Nigeria, this post contains all the necessary details on How I can Help You Build a Professional Blog in Nigeria.

Howdy Friend?

I know for you to visit this page, its base on two things

You need a blog or you want to know what I have to offer.

Well if you are thinking of stating a professional blog and you don’t really know where to start from, Don’t panic friend, I can set up one for you.

I will offer to set up a professional blog for you including domain and hosting for just NGN15,000?

Too much?

Okay, lets see what i will have to do for that amount:

I will be offering my services on WordPress and blogger installation.

So if  you choose WordPress, most of what I will highlight will be done but if blogger, if not all at least 70%

1.WordPress Installation – i will install the latest version of WordPress which means your site will be up to date.

2.WordPress Setup – I will do all the customization  setting on your WordPress blog so it can be full of features and functionalism, and also we make your site load faster.

3.Theme Installation – I am going to personally select a very good theme that will make your Blog  stylish, up-to-date .You can choose for your self at the WordPress Theme Directory or leave the selection for me, and I can deem it fit to use a premium theme. (that is at my discretion). But if you have one you want, feel free to pass it along.

4. Blog Hosting – I will select one of the best hosting companies to host your site.

5.Plugins Installation – I already have a list of  important WordPress Plugins for ready for  your site.

6.SEO – You don’t need to worry much about SEO after am done, I will add the major Search engine tweaks which will enable your site to be listed in Google in less than 72hrs + free backlink .

7.What about security? – Don’t worry, I have that in mind too even though it can’t be guaranteed that your site will be 100% safe from hackers, but I will install the best Official WordPress Security Plugin that will keep your site safe

8.SEO SiteMap and XML SiteMap – I will Submit blog  SiteMap to Google and Bing to get indexed which will make it visible into the Search Engines.

9. About Page –  If you want, I can make an about page for you. The About Page plays an important role in a website , it lets your  visitors know about you.

10.Contact Page – This is also important, i will make a contact form and contact page on your site where your visitors will be able to contact you fast.

11.FeedBurner Setup – Free FeedBurner setup, Feedburner allows your readers to subscribe to your posts, where they will be able to get alert when you make new posts.

12.Social Media Icons/Widget – I will make your site sociable, will add like buttons from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest and more.

13.Free WordPress Basic Tutorials and Videos – I will provide you with interesting tutorials on how to use WordPress/blogger and also how to make it friendly including how to earn income from it.

14.Logo – If you have a logo you can send it to me, but if you don’t, I can easily create one for your FREE.

15.Support – I will gladly be there to guide you anytime.


All that for just NGN15,000?

Now is that too much or rather too cheap 🙂

(Optional: Extra Service)

  • I can write articles for your blog, if you require (Extra charge).

So which should it be WordPress or Blogger?

I will recommend WordPress, as you can see the features i explained about revolves round it.

Blogger is owned by Google, with this you don’t have to worry about hosting, its easy for newbies, WordPress is a bit expensive than Blogger, But its worth it.

But i want to make a professional blog for you so make up your mind and choose Wisely!.

How to Get Started?

 It’s quite easy, Just Contact us on and let me know about you interest, Once demands are meet , then i will start working as soon as possible.

What are you waiting for. Lets Get your new blog alive.

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  1. I actually want to learn how to host a domain. So I will be including my information and look forward to you getting back to me as to what I should do. thank you

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