Business Promotion and Marketing Ideas in Nigeria

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Top Five Business Promotion and Marketing Ideas in Nigeria

The fact that Nigeria is standing among the other country in appreciating the power of promotion/marketing some companies still don’t know where to start from that is why we think this article will be helpful to some companies and individuals who hope in starting a company or business.

Lets quickly look at some importance of business marketing
The word marketing and promotion are two different word entirely.

Business marketing in Nigeria

Marketing is the act of selling something in form of promotion, marketing usually comes with something to sell or introduce to people highlighting how the product or services can be helpful to the buyer or society, in addition a good marketing skill must come with a promo price to entice the buyer. The fact remain that without a physical product at hand there is no marketing. Last but not the least, you should know that marketing is limited to physical product business only, while promotion is unlimited.

Type of business one cannot market.

As i mentioned above marketing is limited, which make it restricted to some businesses. Below i want to show you some businesses you can not market.

1. A website or blog

You don’t expect a website or blog to do marketing right? such as facebook has nothing to market, the only thing facebook can do is advertisement which is known to be promotion. The reason why facebook and other website or blog can’t engage in marketing is because they have no physical products to market to people, they only offer a service which doesn’t required marketing but promotion.

Web design
A business like web designing is totally unmarketable, you can only engage in promotion.

Bulk sms business
This business has nothing to do with marketing, all it required is promotion.

Hair Saloon
Hair saloon can’t run marketing but promotion.

There are so many businesses that are not fit in marketing but promotion. I can keep listing hundred to thousands of them. With the above list i think i have discharged some hard doubt of you. The good thing with marketable business is that they are not restricted to promotion, any business that is marketable is equally to be promoted.

Business marketing Ideas in Nigeria

1. The best way in accomplishing good result whether from Nigeria or any where in the world is by employing skillful marketers.
There are marketers that are professionally trained in area of marketing. This marketers has the potential skills that will grow your business. They are well professionally in skillful manners of approach, heart touching wards; sweet mouth however you may call it.

2. There are no ways of marketing rocking in Lagos state, this is the act of using dancers in gaining and audience/attention of people then your marketers run into them.

3. There are many ways of marketing, you can decide to look for hawking marketers, these are the marketers you find along the road selling a new product or existing product for a promotional price. They are mostly find a unique uniform along the road.

4. Online marketing
Online marketing is one of the effective marketing suitable for businesses or companies in these model global world. Reason is because 75% Nigerians has a browsing phone that they use in visiting the internet every now and then. This Nigerians are on the web searching for one thing or the other, bringing your product in front of them is the best that could happen to then and even you. There are many tools is running online marketing these days.

Mobile sms marketing
Sms marketing is considered illegal in some part of the world but in Nigeria it legal and effective for that. Mobile marketing is the essence of sending a direct text message to thousands or millions of Nigerians phone. As you already know, 95% Nigerians always open their text message within 5 minutes of received this, this is one of the highest engaging marketing in Nigeria. SMS marketing can highly increase sales by 40%. All you need to do is by Nigerians phone numbers from Nigeria telecom companies or some individuals and bulk sms providers. Use a reliable bulk sms service to have message send to millions of Nigerians at once.

You have to customize your sales text message in a way that when someone open and read it, he/she will be convinced purchasing your product or items. Your sales text message should shot and include your company sales person contact details, a phone number to be precisely so people can easily get in touch with you.

Business Promotions Ideas In Nigeria

Promotion is what we have known to be advertisement, this is beyond selling a product or service to an end-user or wholesaler. Promotion doesn’t only bring the service/brand of the company but expose the company as well. Promotion is consider the best for every company/business, but you should put in mind that both promotion and marketing work together in growing your sales though it not all businesses that required marketing.

Type of promotion In Nigeria

1. TV promotion

TV promotion has proven itself to be the most highly engaging promotion currently in Nigeria and even worldwide. If you are aware of olx you will notice the power of TV promotion in their body, the fact remains that olx would have not in any means gain this kind of high audience and users if not for the TV promotion they got engage on. TV has been watch all over the country and even abroad, when you place advert on tv, t definitely goes very far beyond your imagination. What do yo like that makes Nigerian network not to leave our tv screen morning and evening?

2. Radio Advertising

Advertising on radio is still very effective, this is because when people are on their cars/vehicles all they listed to is FM, advertising on radio is usually very effective get to a whole wide range of audience. Placing advert on radio station is not much expensive as you might be thinking.

3. Newspaper advertisement

Newspaper is considered the second most affection promotion in Nigeria as at standing. Newspaper will get your business to the very important people of the society. The cost of advertising on Nigeria newspapers are made varies, there are a lot of ads space you can choose from depending on your budget.

4. Road Advert Board Promotion

This is a new digital road advertisement this going on now. If you have been to lagos, port-harcult, Benin r Abuja, you must have seen a displaying screen on the road that shows advertisement. This is another good way of promoting a business. This method of promotion is considered very effective and engaging because it flashy and eyes catch that every one passing or driving through that area will see it and must look at it. It just like a TV advertisement and from my own conception it more audience engaging that TV. Outside the displaying board; there is still another type of road advertising board called banner advertisement. This is the big banner sign board that is usually seen a long every road. You can place your banner on this board and have your business exposed the audience. Placing advert on the road digital display advertisement board is not too expensive if you go through the right way.

There are these advertisement agents that can help you place advert on those display board and road banners boards all over Nigeria, the good thing is that if you go through advertisement it won’t be expensive as if you going for yourself. Because there are slots and discount offered to their agents, but if you should go yourself as a company you will be charge extra and in must cases be surcharge. It recommended you place your advert through agent to cut off some expenses. You can search for agent depending on your location, We only know an agent in Lagos state if you indicate your interest on comment.

5. Hand Flyer Promotion

This promotion is used for promoting almost any kind of thing, this include business, seminars, church programs, jobs etc . This is the most cost economized advertisement in Nigeria, you can archived this by going to the cyber cafe or contact a graphic design to design attractive hand bid for you then print large quantity and share to people. All you do is organise attractive fun and start sharing you hand bid to people. You can also stand by a busy road and share the hand there.

6. Vehicle Advertising

This is a method of advertising on vehicles such luxury buses. All that is needed is printing large format of your business banner and place it on vehicles. This method of advertisement is commonly find in Lagos state, precisely on Lagos state busses (BRT’s). Don’t ever decimate the power of a vehicle advertisement especially Lagos state BRT’s advertisement. placing a banner on Lagos state brt is one of the best advertising you can engage on if your business is lagos base or required lagos state audience. The reason is because everyone entering the bus must see you advert, every place the bus goes people there see your advert.

7. Online Promotion

Promoting your business online is considered one of the best promotion to engage on these days. Online promotion has been considered one of the best and most effective advertisement in Nigeria. If this list where to be in ordered then this promotion would have been the second most effective promotio this article would have featured. The internet has grown wide with the help of smart phones every one can now make use of the internet.

There are so many blogs, website and social medias such as facebook you can place advert in Nigeria Blogs also and gain lot of dedicated audience from. With online advertisement your business can really grow beyond your imagination because your advert will be seen by so many Nigerians. There is what we call google adword, with google adword your business will get to the right people who is searching google for similar stuf or service you are offering, this is an ad service put together. Online advertisement required a business website because you need to have introduction page where you will drive the traffic to. This page speaks every thing about your business etc, this page should have some bonus prices also to entice more customers. Check out  best web designer in Nigeria. You need a professional online advertiser to help you manage your online promotion campaign.

These are the ways you can promote your business in Nigeria.

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