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Content Strategy: How to Create a Working E-commerce Website

Content Strategy: How to Create a Working E-commerce Website

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about How to Create a Working E-commerce Website, this post contains all the necessary details on creating a Working E-commerce Website.

How to Strategically Create a Working E-commerce Website

The E-commerce system is moving on a fast pace, Creating an online shopping website takes a little skill from a web designer, but promoting the e-commerce site and make it a working one takes a whole lot. E-commerce SEO is an important part when it comes to creating a long-lasting and flourishing e-commerce website. As part of Most SEO strategies for e-commerce websites having “Good content” is extremely important to your e-commerce site. Here is how to make good use of Good contents on e-commerce sites.

Many owners of this e-commerce sites we see around do not truly understand the vitality of having good contents on their website. Most of them think that having a very classy design and a working shopping cart is all that matters when it comes to online shopping. They focus mainly on buying and selling of products and services for people to buy and that’s all.

But looking at it from a professional point of view, they’re passing up a great opportunity of profiting from a strong content strategies. Having excellent information on your e-commerce website gives you basically two gains:

1. Helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Firstly, When you have many unique and good keywords between your contents, this allows your product pages to rank very high in search engines. And from experience, visitors from search engines pages have more tendency to convert into buyers which will in-turn convert into more sales.

2. It Facilitate Sales: Think of it in true terms. What sort of store are you more prone to buy from; is it a store with a very supportive staff who aid with your buying decisions, or the store with the staff who remained behind the counter and play & stare on their smartphones chatting up with friends. For most people it would be the first; and its the same with e-commerce websites, those that give significant and supportive information to the public are more successful than those with scanty description on their product pages.

Working Tips on How to Develop Strong Content On E-Commerce Websites

Write category descriptions: Most e-commerce websites mostly optimized their product category pages with their primary keywords. But issue with this approach is that most category pages have limited content, and comprise primarily of pictures and links. A simple approach to amend this situation is to write an introductory content/description for each category that will shows up above item postings.

Create a blog: Creating a blog is very important e-commerce SEO as it adds more content to your website. You can populate it with contents like Product reviews, how to posts for most popular posts.

Improve product descriptions: As said above, most e-commerce websites around makes use of category pages for keyword optimization but the product pages are the most important place where you can put your long tail keywords. But one major issue with most e-commerce websites is that they copy their product descriptions from the product manufacturer’s site, which their competitors are also making use of, now that turns into duplicate content and unattractive to Search engines.

Having a unique description on products will give you an edge over competitors and give you excellent rankings. If you have an e-commerce sites with lots of products and you are thinking rewriting those description is nearly impossible or too tasking, then you can start from products that gives high returns and are not currently ranking high on SERPs.

Create buyer guides: Creating detailed articles that show buyers what they should know before making their buying decision are  very useful especially for products that need expertise in order to buy. Also this also help your customers (consequently building trust for your brand), these online buying guides could then be optimized with both primary and secondary keywords that helps boost your ranking and relevancy.

Write product reviews: Just like the buyers guideshaving product reviews on the website is also a great way to build a relationship with consumers just by giving them helpful information. With Certain SEO expertise, you can also optimize the review with certain keywords which will also assist with rankings.

Let your consumers speak: You also need to encourage comment and reviews of products from your customers. These review helps gain more keywords to your product pages. There is possibility that reviewers will use various key terms variations that are not included in the product description but yet are important keywords for the product.


With the fact that many online shopping sites do not make use of these content strategies, But its a sure way to benefit strongly from increased traffic, return visits and customer loyalty. You should know that majority of people who visits your e-commerce websites for the first time will not buy anything. But when they feel comfortable with the content you provide as well as helpful buying guides they are more likely to come back with their credit card and convert.

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