A Walk With Mr  Olu, Media Manager of INCOMENIGERIA, alongside Mr Chris Adeleke, CEO incomenigeria. An entrepreneur in the making. With a lot of experience in Digital Marketing and Internet marketing. I have gathered the necessary tools to impact heavily on the lives of individuals seeking to Make Real money From their businesses, Both Online and Offline.

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I design websites for all business types, all styles and with any functionality that is able be programmed into a website.

Your website can be designed in any format including HTML or using a CMS like WordPress, (DIY update).
Websites designed for shopping, marketing, blogging, simple business card style websites, consultants, music, fashion or technology. Just ask and you shall receive.

  • I can customize your Website/Blog for you {₦5,000} Only
  • I can register a domain name for you {₦5,000}* POPULAR*
  • I can host a Website/Blog for you {₦5,000} Only
  • I can setup a full E-COMMERCE WEBSITE for you {₦200,000} Only
  • I can develop a new Website for you with 15 original articles {₦50,000}* POPULAR*
  • I can create a responsive business website with 5 pages for you {₦50,000} Only
  • I will design Your Business LOGO or your WEBSITE Logo For You {₦5,000} * POPULAR*



We can help you setup & fine tune your PPC campaigns thereby making them most profitable for you.
Link Building Since Google considers high quality links as one of the most important factors in Search Rankings, we make sure that your site never runs out of good quality backlinks.
Content Writing Services We know your products/services are awesome and we’ll make sure that your target prospects get the message.


  • I can make your blog to rank well on Google {₦30,000} * POPULAR*
  • I can make you increase your blog or website traffic {₦20,000} Only
  • I will monitor your blog for one month and provide the best means to Rank your Website{₦8,000} Only* POPULAR*



Google Adsense account has become increasingly difficult to get approved in Nigeria due to Nigeria’s shaky relationship with
google in the past that led to the severe punishment on Nigerian Upcoming publishers. This has become a great discouragement for Nigerian bloggers.
Not to worry, We have a perfect means to get a fully approved google Adsense account for your website in Nigeria.


  • I will give you a Google Adsense account {₦50,000} * POPULAR*
  • I will help you maximize your earning with Google Adsense using legitimate means {₦5,000} Only



Our Social Media Marketing Services integrate Social Media and Organic Search to fetch better results for both overall. Online Reputation Management Whether you are interested in a proactive approach to Online Reputation Management or are looking to repair your negative online reputation of your business, we can help you build & improve upon your online reputation.


  • I will Give you over 2 million Nigerian Phone numbers and Emails for your Marketing Purposes {₦8,000} * POPULAR*
  • I will publish your sponsored post on my blog {₦40,000} Only
  • I will Give you an INSTAGRAM account with 10,000 followers {₦30,000} * POPULAR*
  • I will give you any amount of Instagram, Facebook like and shares CALL FOR PRICE