Answered! How to Buy and Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

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Hello esteemed reader, Have you searched google on articles about How to Buy and Sell Gift Cards? This Detailed post contains all the necessary details on How to Buy and Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria.

Become a millionaire by Trading Gift Cards in Nigeria

If you want to find out how to sell or buy gift cards, then you’ve come to the right place. It is possible to make money in buying or selling gift cards.

You can find gift cards almost anywhere. These cards are usually issued at grocery stores, electronic stores, bookstores, and department stores. It might seem impossible to start a business that involves buying and selling gift cards. Big and small businesses are now offering gift cards to encourage loyalty among customers. The paper certificates are no longer popular.



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What You Can Do with the Cards?

To start buying and selling gift cards, you will need to have connections with the different businesses. There are many ways to make money in selling gift cards like the following:

  • When it comes to holiday and special gifts, gift cards are usually among the top choices. Through the cards, the recipient can choose the item or product that he/she prefers
  • It is quite easy to obtain the cards from business owners because the latter has only one focus – to gain more customers.
  • You can look for websites that will allow you to sell the gift cards

You can also find other websites online that buy and sell gift cards. According to statistics, a lot of people don’t use the gift cards and this is a great way for your business to get hold of the cards. The customers will be more than willing to sell you their unused gift cards, even for a lower amount.

Some Techniques that You Can Use

If others are willing to sell their gift cards at reduced prices, there are also those who want to grab gift cards. You can aside from buying gift cards, you can also sell them. If you want, you can have direct contact with the companies that offer the gift cards. That way, you can obtain the cards at a much lower price and sell them on face value.

You will have to think of ways on how to sell the cards and make profits. You can accept retailer gift cards or that from restaurants. In order to make money, you will need to buy the unused gift cards from customers at 50% to 90% of the face value. Most clients are willing to get some money in exchange for the card instead of putting it to waste. Make sure that you accept gift cards with $20 value or higher. It wouldn’t be a great idea to buy cards with lower values because this wouldn’t be good for the business.

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You should be wise enough to deal with various kinds of gift cards. Be sure to buy and sell the ones that are popular in your local area to guarantee the success of your new business.

You can start learning the proven methods I have used for 4 months to earn over #80,000 a month, that’s over 900,000 a year. The infamous 6 figures everyone chases for just Buying and Selling GIFTCARDS. Mind you, you can make more than #80,000 monthly infact I made over #90,000 plus last month and some Big guys in this business are making close to #200,000 Weekly from this GIFTCARD BUSINESS.

The Gift Card industry is booming! In 2015 over $100 billion was spent in gift cards in the US alone. By the end of 2016 that number will be approximately $120 billion, and is increasing year after year!

Somewhere in the ball park of 10% of those cards go unused…That’s $10 plus billion dollars! So what does this have to do with you? Everything, less than 5% of the population knows you can sell those cards for cash and that spells huge opportunity for you getting positioned early because that number is growing quickly.

Here’s how it works…have you ever received a gift card you didn’t want, and it stayed in your wallet, purse, or drawer forever collecting dust because you didn’t know you could sell it for cash? Of course you have, and millions of others have too.

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I’ll be frank this course is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This course outlines a simple proven way to earn a part time, or even significant full time income.

What would an extra #16,000 a month do for you & your family? How about #110,000? Would that be life changing? Keep reading! You might be saying yea right that’s great for you, but could it really happen for me? I have already helped other people just like you do the same!

This business requires very little time which gives you something more precious than money…TIME FREEDOM! Think about what you could do if you had that? You could spend more time with your family, travel, or finally pursue that passion you have always wanted to.

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Be one of the first students to enroll and learn all of my closely guarded secrets! Am I going to guarantee your overnight success? Absolutely not, that would be unrealistic, we’re all mature enough to know that there are no guarantees in life. Anyone promising that is lying. This is a real business that requires real work that can take months to even a year to produce the income you’re looking for. Here is what I can promise you…

If you’re coach-able with a good attitude, a willingness to work, and you follow my system you will earn income. Even after your first 30 days the profits can be big!

ow much capital will you need to invest to start? That depends on how fast you want to go? When I started I was broke and only had #15,000, this was only an experiment to save money on shopping at first before I quickly realized the potential as a business. That #15,000 turned into #80,000 my first month, that #80,000 into #90,000 after a few more months. This is called the snow ball effect, which I will be teaching you how to do.

GIFTCARDS is one of the best Business nowadays, few people are into it and even if thousands people join it, it won’t affect you because of it’s high demands, ok let me show you How lucrative and profitable the business is, check all these links and see those who are into it and you will be making same money like them if you venture into it

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So this is what you will learn:

  1. Where to buy gift cards
  2. The best sources to sell your gift cards for the highest profit margin
  3. The art of negotiation
  4. How to set up all the legal stuff, documents needed, accounting spreadsheets etc. already done for you
  5. How to advertise your business for FREE! No website required
  6. Why I have succeeded from the beginning
  7. Fraud Education, how to minimize losses
  8. An effective trick utilizing business cards to retain customers & increase transactions
  9. How to never pay full retail ever again! Top secret way to saving 5-70% off almost anything from any storethis alone will pay for this course many times over, think about that!
  10. How to become a financial stud not a financial dud

…and much more!



What you will need:

  1. A mobile phone
  2. A computer or tablet (not required, but will make things much easier)
  3. At least #15,000 (Start Up Capital) but it will make sense if you have up to #22,000 to start the Business.
  4. Open minded
  5. 5-10 hours per week

What you will get:

I Will teach you from A-Z of this Business and How to succeed from it.

I applaud you for reading this far. This course will be unlike anything you have ever seen, and is a simple business model just about anyone can run.

What’s my motivation for teaching it? I have always been passionate about helping others, I personally mentored 13 of my close friends with this system to see if it was truly duplicable, and it is! 8 out of the thirteen are making over at least #75,000 weekly.

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Let’s create your success story together! Don’t let another minute go by not living your dreams. Let me teach you on HOW TO SUCCEED IN THIS BUSINESS.





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You Can Easily Pay Yourself Back for Your Time and Investment by Tomorrow Night!

I want to ask you a critical question. Why waste your time, efforts and your hard-earned money on a dead-end job or some unproven business opportunity? For the cost of a movie date for two you can own the same cutting-edge strategy that one pleased user calls his “life preserver.”

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You can keep searching for that unique chance at financial freedom that may never come. Or you can act now and grab something that is real and proven. If you sincerely want to make a large amount of money and are willing to invest a little time and almost no money, then this plan may be right for you.


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See you later.

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