Answered! How To Easily Sell Your Songs In Nigeria

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Answered! Have you searched google for articles about How To Easily Sell Your Songs, This Detailed post contains all the necessary details on How To Easily Sell Your Songs In Nigeria.

A Very Complete Guide on how to sell Music online in Nigeria

How to sell songs especially online has been a headache to most up and coming artistes. Finally there is a way artistes can sell their songs on a Nigerian online platform with convenient payment methods.

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Every artiste’s dream is to be able to sell their songs and be able to use that money to invest into future projects and enable them come out with more quality productions. The most popular online music stores to sell music are iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc…


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The above mentioned platforms are popular and used by many super stars around the world but obviously not a platform up and coming artistes from Nigeria can easily get their songs on. This is because most of these young artistes don’t have access to credit or debit cards which are the primary payment modes to submit songs to the so-called giant platforms.

There are people who are willing to submit songs on their behalf but the charge is outrageous and a total ripoff. These self-acclaimed iTunes contractors take 5 or 10 times the normal amount needed to submit songs to Apple Music, Spotify, and the rest…

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When the artiste finally pays that amount and their songs get on these giant platforms, they make little or no sales because, most of their target audience do not have access to credit cards or gift cards to buy these songs. The heartbreaking moment is when the exchange rate shoots up since these online platforms sell in foreign currencies.

Finally, a company known as TechNation Ghana Co. Ltd. & TIC Ghana Ltd got all these problems solved. They have launched an online music store based in Ghana (Accra) called and its main objective is to help African artistes sell their music online to their target audience.

The amazing thing about this online music store is that, music lovers can buy songs in their local currency which is the GHC and they can pay using mobile money. A song costs as low as GHC 0.50 and the buyer gets a Jingle-free and high quality audio.

It’s easy for artistes to create their accounts and start selling their songs and albums. This is good news for all artistes and great news for Ghana music. Do check out to learn more.


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46 thoughts on “Answered! How To Easily Sell Your Songs In Nigeria

  1. Am fizzypro by name
    Am an upcoming star artis
    I have a hit track that has not been uploaded to net …how can I sell it….
    Also for signing collaboration and show pls
    Inbox me on my e-mail

  2. Hi…my name is Henry,singer and songs writer. i have good composed songs to sell,both secular and gospel songs. here is my contact 08064827275,am waiting to do business with u.

  3. Am a songwriter I have written a lot of love songs and and I want to sell them, my phone number is 0808438125

  4. I am Makamat by name I am an upcoming artist I have a hit song
    that have not be uploading in a website
    how can I sell it
    here is my number

  5. Hi am Eddie, a rapper…got Lotta songs written and I would like to sell some
    Contact me on 09061286130 thanks

  6. I can’t say if I should say my song is a hit since there are many professionals here. Nevertheless, I have Rnb songs I wanna sell. The lyrics is captivating and the melody is breath taking… Contact me on 07036156015, 08126378805.
    You won’t regret it!

    1. Hi am Ebi from Bayelsa state i write songs both wr emotional love songs and motivational songs
      Here is my whatsap number

  7. Hi I’m Mr Benji by name I’m an upcoming artist I have two albums but I don’t have money to sponsor my safe, I am humbly looking for a marketer who can help me promote my songs

  8. To someone out there. My name is taiwo, am a gospel song writer and also a song minister. I will be more than happy if someone can give me a call so that I can start fulfilling God’s purpose for my life which is gospel music..thank you.
    Call me on 08164291418

  9. Hi…my name is fabulist nukor I’m a composer of good music both dance track, love track, music that has massage just tell me the kind of music u want and i will compose it for u here is my contact 07037213205.

  10. Hi…my name is jemmas,singer and songs writer. i have good composed songs to sell. here is my contact 08147745562,am waiting to do business with u

    1. We require a good gospel music producer……
      We’re a gospel music band that’s specialised in spreading the message of Christ Jesus through music… Thanks.

  11. hello i am ola by name and i write good music lyrics ..i mean the common nigeria love music…… i can sing too but i don”t have the zeal to sing and the finance. but if you wish to buy lyrics and even help me with a collaboration, im in for you.
    08149621543…. you will see more than you expect.

  12. Hello, I’m Emmanuel. A Song writer with captivating lyrics and melody, I’m hoping to get sponsors to enhance the quality production of my music and push them to the market.

  13. Hello my name is Daniel And i m writer and a singer i Have song for sell both secular and and gospel please you can call me on this number 08187479014


  15. Hello people. My name is Timmyboy. Am a song writer, a good one. Trust me, I’ve gat some dope songs a artist would wanna buy to make big money, I mean songs which would definitely beat the count down. Hook me up with 07035454243 or 08132615475

  16. my name is young wizzy an upcoming artist pls have songs to sell that have written call me 08082691463 i also sing any financial support pls help thank you

  17. my name is Amos Roseline Mayowa,I av gosple a creative songs to sell and likewise looking for a promoter to promote me….Call 08093180466

  18. Hi, I’m Ajibade Matty a song writer and. Up coming artist I did a single track recently titled ÒRÉKË ( the beautiful) I need a lift for. The hit. Song to come to limelight +2347062241940

  19. Hello everyone.. I’m David, I love music alot and I have some sweet and meaningful composed songs, both love and the current situation in Nigeria…. I’m just looking for someone to sell them to.. some are recorded already.

    1. My name is Ibrahim Mustapha I have 3 songs I wrote and I haven’t recorded any and I dont know how to go about the recording…all I want to do is sell it out and get my money fast,they are nice track and has lyrics and rhymes,all I need is to put me through on how to go about selling my songs

    2. My name is Ibrahim Mustapha I have 3 songs I wrote and I haven’t recorded any and I dont know how to go about the recording…all I want to do is sell it out and get my money fast,they are nice track and has lyrics and rhymes,all I need is to put me through on how to go about selling my songs….please contact me on these mobile number (08028549286) you will never regret contacting me sir or ma

  20. I am Sheebliz Giran Federal, Am a Rapper ?️ (Ibile ). I got three Rap and one party jam for sell @09016579781. Hit me up if you are ready for business.

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