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How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

This awesome article will teach you How to grow your business in Nigeria, so you know the ropes on how to manage your business in Nigeria.

if you are looking for the proper way to manage you business in Nigeria and grow it to a good level then these article is for you, just read on. Yes you can, you just have to be focus and with some help and tips from this post you will be able learn good business management in Nigeria to grow your small business in Nigeria and aim huge.

How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

Without waste of time lets move on to know not just how to succeed but how you can grow your business in Nigeria. There are some things we need to put together in order to grow your business in Nigeria, and these have to do with business management. I am going to talk more about this as it the major key of a business. How are you managing your business? Is you business not growing as you want it to? so what could be wrong with it?. Bad business management kills business faster than you would’t ever think of, these is why you need to have good knowledge of business management of hire someone to carry this skill for you, but if you are about starting a business or you have a small business then you need to learn how to manage you business well. Good management skill

Add Your Business to Google Business Page

Claiming your business on Google will do you lot of good. ThIs will bring your business in front of people looking for kind of product you offer. At first you need to register your business on Google.

Good Business Management in Nigeria

1. Low price: In order to grow your business in Nigeria you must learn how much more Nigerians love low price stuff. Do you have a business where you sell items or service to people? Low cost is a great effective area every business must look at. If i should ask you, if Mr. A and Mr. B are selling ices cream at the same location but different shop, and Mr. A is selling his ices cream for #50 Naira while Mr. B is selling his at #45 Naira, which among these two people will you patronize? These is the reason why people queue up for BRT in Lagos because of it ship price. The good thing is that making your product price to be little cheap will not make you loose profit. Note that in some cases cheap products don’t gain market value, this is when you low the product quality because you intend the low the price. If you should follow a good management skill, you won’t low your product quality for low price, as the product quality is what people are after. My advice is leave your product or service quality in a way that it will be equal or even bit your competitors. These is why GOTV is Nigeria most use satellite service today, it not because it came first, in fact he came last but bit all competitors such as DSTV, Startime etc.

2. Offer Promotion Price: Have you put these to consideration, promotion is what can blow your business and even brand name. People like it whereby they buy two and gain one free, these will entice them, and not just only them but their friends. Also your already existing customers some them some kind of appreciation by offering them gift and promotion price.

3. Treat Your Customers As Prince And Princes: Without these customers there is no business for you, however they need to be treated like prince and princes if you still want to them keep coming to you. Don’t always look at the money or the price of what they are buying or service they are requesting. Always have in mind of returning them back when ever they need such service or product which you offer.  If you have a barbing saloon, when ever you have a customer and you welcome your customer with respect, at their relaxation point you offer them a cold malt, you barb them with care, after barbing you clean their head with a clean towel and warm water then spay them with nice barbing spray, there is no way they won’t want to come back to you next  they want to barb even if your service is #1,000, this is because the are satisfy with the quality service you offered them. When you offer quality service or product at affordable price, delivering it with maximum care and respect then you will gain dedicated customers. Always put your customers satisfaction first in business.

4. Request Customer Review: To grow your business in Nigeria, you must learn how to accept Nigerians bad mount. These is what some people don’t see to be necessary just because they think it will ruin their business. The fact is that, when you are not requesting for your customer review, you are definitely killing your own business. Always ask for review so you can get what your customers don’t like about your business. With their complaints you can know the link causing the sink of your business and amend it before it get too late. One thing is knowing your customer review, another thing is working of their review, don’t neglect customers complaints or get annoyed with them for complaining to you about your service, don’t be rude to them over their complaints rather approach them in good manners, telling them when the issues complaint about will be resolve and also requesting ideas from them on how they think the issue could be solve soon. Requesting some ideas from them will make them know that you value their presents and patronage, these will automatically hold them to your business for a very long time.

5. Good Approach: A good approach is what some people totally lack and it very hurtful to businesses. These act can kill business totally by driving your customers away. Every person who plan success of business must first fight and eliminate quick upset. As the old people use to say, a patience dog eat the fattest bone. You must be tolerant to your customers in no mater what they do. You must know that all customers can’t be the same, some are intelligent while others lack it, their intelligence is not your business. Because of your business you must accept to tolerate almost any kind of customer behavior. You have the right of shouting for your workers when they did something wrong but don’t dare these with your customers because they will feel bad and put a banned to visiting your business again. When a customer goes against your business rules, in a good manner approach him/her, ah madam sorry but these is against our business policy, make sure you present these in a very cool and polite manner. And believe me, when the person see your manner of approach he/she will have no option than to say I AM SORRY.

Business Marketing and Promotion In Nigeria

Some business or even all business need marketing, i am not talking of small store that sell garri or business. Business management is something you should never neglect, if not for good marketing no one would have know of GOTV etc, been it product or services, you need business to grow faster, Nobody will knock on your door to ask the kind of business or services you are offering. These days marketing and promotion have been made easy for business owners to archive easily, there are many ways you can market or promote your business in Nigeria without stress. For more read Business Promotion and Marketing Ideas in Nigeria

Take You Business Online

You dont know how much this will get your business. I can tell you that some business in Nigeria today rely on the internet. Taking your business online is something you can’t avoid if you must grow, give your business internet hand and it will grow bigger than you ever expected. To grow a business in Nigeria, you must put these to a good practise. Every business these days are going online and gaining their prospective audiece/customers online these is because 85% Nigerians has accepted the power of internet by going on google to surf for items, product and also using facebook for communication. Bringing your business in front of them will really shut you high. If you business hasn’t had these idea then bring it in from of your boss, and if you are the boss then try these as you never going to regret the. Facebook has promotion way whereby you can promote your products or business on it, there us also google adwords also for promoting businesses and product. Facebook page is another thing your business can’t afford to miss, it totally free and there are people who can help you create and manage your facebook page if you have no idea.

Have a Business Website

You must have know the importance of having a business website in Nigeria. These will increase your sales and business visibility. Make a notable business websites, these is very important for every growing business these days. Your business need a business website not only to grow but also to pass quick information to your customers, if you must promote on the internet then you are required to have a business website in Nigeria. With just #30,000 – 40,000 Naira you can have a good looking business website.  Click Here lets help you create a business website today

Have A Business Policy

There are so many reasons you should put rules in your business and these rules must involve you as well.

As an entrepreneur there are rules you need to put on in your business, these rules bound you also, you can’t be comfortable in mess this also involve your business, there is no way your business can be comfortable in falling point or starting point. Why you need to condition your self in business is to archive your dreams. Before starting your business or even after starting, draw your business map and it dream, the next is give rules on it.


Why You Need Business Policy

1. To cut off unnecessary spending: So many reasons you must fight to eliminate unnecessary spending to avoid crash of your business. Go for only things that are important to your business and stop adding what doesn’t mater to your business.

2. Adequate Focus: Business Police bring seriousness, these will raise your focus to the business guidelines, knowing what to do and the right time to do it.

Hope these article is helpful as i have give you some tips to grow your business in Nigeria.

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