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How To Open a GTBank Account Online

How To Open a GTBank Account Online
GTBank Account Online

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about How To Open a GTBank Account Online, this post contains all the necessary details on How To effectively Open a GTBank Account Online using your mobile devices.

This Informative article comprises of the most reliable method to open a Guarantee Trust Bank Account Online~

How To Open a GTBank Account Online

The benefits of social media have been so far advantageous to some extent that companies have decide to make full use of them by bringing and extending their offices online via those platforms.

Now You have most likely landed on this article because you’ve searched for…

As part of the innovations from Guaranty Trust Bank known as GTBank, They have now made it possible to open a GTBank account online via the popular social networking platform “Facebook“.

gtbank guarantee trust bank How To Open a GTBank Account Online

Now if you are willing to own a GTBank account , You can easily just log onto the internet and create a GTBank account online easily.Lets see how simple creating a GTBank account online is.

How To Open a GTBank Account Online With Facebook

1. First, Go over to the Official GTBank Facebook page at

2. Once you are on that page, Then click on the “Open An Account

3. Now, once you click on that button, You will be directed to a page where you can start registering for a new GTBank account. On the page that will be shown to you, you will be required to choose the type of account you want to create,  and also let you fill in your location and email address, just like it is below:

In the “Select an account type” section, you can choose between the following account types:

  • SKS & STS
  • GTCrea8
  • GTSave
  • GTMax
  • eAccount
  • Savings Account
  • Current Account

Once you have selected any of them, you will get a pop up notification that GT Bank Account Opening would like to access you profile;

,  don’t worry, Just click Okay and then  add your email and location, then click continue.

4. On the next page then you will be required to fill in some other information which are grouped into Bio Data,Personal Information,Ways to Bank,Next of Kin.


5. Once you get to the last stage of the form, then you will get a confirmation page which will show you your Transaction Code like it is below:

That’s almost all.

Now what you have to do is note down your  Transaction code, and then visit any branch nearest to you within 2 weeks after your online registration with the following documents;

  • Most Recent Nepa /PHCN Bill
  • Drivers License, National ID Card, International Passport
  • 2 passport photographs

That’s all when it comes to opening a GTBank account online

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  1. I have open an account before with my phone and was sent an account number but no longer have them so what can I do to get my account back.

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