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How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria

How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria
How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria 2018

Have you searched google for articles on How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria, this post contains all the necessary details on how you can start receiving your adsense payment in Nigeria.

Ways to Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria

Waking up this early morning, I received multiple calls from friends I have helped get their Adsense accounts approved. They weren’t calling to know how to verify their Adsense account in Nigeria. They wanted to know how they could perfectly withdraw their Google Adsense cash from Nigeria.

After giving them a perfect clue, I decided that this was a topic worth writing about to help solve the problems of Google Adsense payment methods in Nigeria. Now, if you have been following my articles well enough, I wrote a sizzling post on how to get your Google Adsense account approved from Nigeria within few minutes.

I also went on to share with you, where you could get already approved Nigerian Google Adsense accounts. With that being said, lets immediately dive in to our main topic of the day.

Receiving Google Adsense payment from Nigeria

There are two methods you could possibly receive Google Adsense payment in Nigeria.

The first method is by using through wire transfer (Bank wire transfer), then another method is through check payment. It all depends on the one you find very comfortable but if I were to advice, I will suggest that you use the wire transfer option, which is the fastest and most reliable means of receiving your Google Adsense payment in Nigeria.

How to Receive Adsense payment Through Wire Transfer To Bank Account

Simply log into your Google Adsense Account, Go to settings page, Head straight to payment, then payment settings, Click on Add a new form of payment.

Select wire transfer to Bank Account and fill out the form exactly as stated below.

Account holder name: Here, Put in the name of your Bank account in Full, e.g Access bank of Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria.

Bank name: Same thing with the above.

Swift-BIC: You have to get this from your bank. Go to your bank, open a domiciliary account and you would be given your swift code.

Account Number: Put in your account number, and re type it in the last form.

In the section, For further credit details, Make sure you put your Domiciliary bank account name and account number.

And set the form of payment as Primary then save.

When you are done, remember to remove check payment options.

How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria through check.

Personally speaking,this method less convenient for me. You can receive your adsense payment here in Nigeria through DHL and you need to pay some fees to DHL too.

Frequently asked questions on How to Receive Google Adsense payment in Nigeria

Question: Must I have a domiciliary account before I can start receiving my Google Adsense payment in Nigeria or can I use any bank account?

Answer: Yes, you need a domiciliary account to receive your Google Adsense earnings. Domiciliary account means dollar account. I have gone further to write an article on how you can create your personal domiciliary bank account in Nigeria using GTBank. You can read it here.

Question: I heard some savings bank account can receive wire transfers in Nigeria, How true is that?

Answer: I have recently heard that too, but not from many sources. A friend of mine told me that UBA, Fidelity bank of Nigeria and access bank can receive wire transfers by using their Swift/IBAN codes for payment set up. Although I haven’t verified how true this is, It’s better you head straight to your bank and talk to the customer care unit. They would definitely give you an update.

Question: Is there any other method I can use to receive my Google Adsense earnings in Nigeria apart from the ones you mention above?

Answer: Yes there is. But it’s probably the hardest method you can think of to receive your Adsense earnings. You could receive you earnings through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to your checking account in the Bank of America then withdraw your payments through payoneer master card here in Nigeria.

Still on How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria

Question: How do I receive my payment through EFT?

Answer: To receive your Google Adsense payment through EFT, Select the option under your payment options in Google Adsense setting. Then make sure your payment currency tallies with the denominations in your bank account.

Question: Must the domiciliary account be in Dollars, Pounds or Euros?

Answer: It should receive money in dollars.

Question: What is the Thresh hold of Google adsense before I receive my First payment in Nigeria?

Answer: The thresh hold of google adsense payment is $100 . This is the minimum amount of money that can be paid into your Bank account and payment occurs every 21st of every month.

Question: What if I Didn’t reach the limit of $100 before the 21st ?

Answer: usually, the payment rolls over to another month, the cycle continues till you clock your $100 limit. The secret to make your best of Google adsense is TRAFFIC. The more people visit your website, the more money you make. So do some search engine optimization work (SEO) read here…and promote your website on different social media network.

And that’s all on How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria.

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Compiled by Godwin, C.E.O INCOMENIGERIA. Click here to read the story about my journey as an internet entrepreneur.

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