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How to Revive Your Lost Blogging Passion

How to Revive Your Lost Blogging Passion

We all at one point or the other as bloggers must have been faced with situations when you no longer have the drive to blog again. There are a whole lot of reasons which can actually lead to this ranging from not making money with your blog to hitting writers block.

I’ll like to share with you several ways I overcame or rather revived my lost blogging passion when the urge to call it quite comes into thought.

Now, are you a blogger who is currently in such a situation? Don’t worry, you’ll be out of it soon and continue enjoying blogging raking huge sums into your bank account.

Why Bloggers Loose Passion For Blogging

Firstly, you might want to know what actually makes bloggers loose their passion and below are some of them.

1. Unproductive Blog:

As earlier said, it obviously accounts for about 80% reasons why people hit out of the blogosphere. After you’ve worked sleepless nights, posted articles and promoted them over social media and yet do not tend to see anything come out of it, you are left with no other option than to loose the passion you had for blogging.

I actually put in more interest and my passion to this blog because it’s my major source of earnings, and this has made me loose interest I had on my other blogs.

2.  Lack of a Mentor, Motivator or Instructor

When there is no one to tell you what you are doing things right or wrong, when you’ve got no Motivator or Instructor, you definitely would get lost in the blog-o-sphere and this leads to a loss in passion for your blog.

3. Search Engine

This might sound crazy but it’s proven to be true. Most blogger depends on Search Engines as their major source of traffic and in respect neglect other numerous ways to generate traffic to their blog. This leads to engagement in many Black Hat SEO practices that would hunt your blog ranking someday when the Algorithm comes after you.


How To Know If You’ve Lost Your Passion

Still wondering if you fall into the category of bloggers who have lost passion for their career? Here is a checklist for you.

  1. You no longer visit your blog (It actually happens).
  2. You no longer take out time to read other blogs, at least those around your Niche.
  3. You no longer find time comment on other blogs. There are a whole lot of reasons why you must leave comments on other blogs.

Possible Solutions

Since we’ve been able to point out what causes a loss in blogging passion, we can pick up solutions to these which in return would affect the blogger positively.

1. Make it a habit to find time to read other blogs,especially the top notch bloggers in your Niche. One thing that tends to inspire me more is finding time to read success stories by well renowned bloggers, trust me, it definitely works. Not only will you learn from them, but you will get motivated to move ahead with your plans.

2. Find time to think of why you want to regain your blogging passion. Want to regain/revive your blogging passion? What is your reason/purpose of getting back to blogging? Your purpose could be to improve the life of others, or help people to do things more efficiently, or to help people to make more money. Thinking of your purpose is an important way to revive yourself.

3. Find a Partner/Motivator who would inspire and guide you. It could be a successful blogger who you know has experience in what they do. Mail them telling them how you love their blog and works. Associating yourself with them, asking questions and more could help out of such situations.

4. More like the above point, contact Pro Bloggers. Meet with pro bloggers, Interact with them as they will be able to share tips with you which would help you continue your struggles to regain your passion.

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