How to Sell Sephora Gift Cards for Naira in Nigeria

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Hello reader, you must have stumbled on this platform because you searched for How to Sell Sephora Gift Cards for Bitcoin or Naira, Well, I’m happy to inform you that today is your lucky day. As you are about to know the best platform to exchange your Sephora card (and other gift cards) for Naira, cedis, bitcoins and RMB.

Firstly, below are some features of a good platform to sell your Sephora gift card.

Visit to trade your gift cards.

Sell All Gift cards in, 100% reliable

Features Of Good Platform To Sell Sephora Gift Card

  1. Honesty
  2. Amazing gift card rate
  3. Fast response
  4. 24/7 Availability
  5. Flexible payment method
  6. Easy Accessibility

Now that we know the required features of a good gift card trading site, what platform fits into this?

What Is Trade? is a gift card trading site focused on giving traders the best money return for their sephora gift cards and other gift cards. At, They buy Sephora gift cards in large quantities daily and suppliers are always welcomed. They have set up a trading dashboard to make gift card trading easy.

Their rates are unbeatable as They offer rates higher than that of Paxful and Afrbtc altogether. They are direct gift card loaders, middlemen sell to them and offer lower rates for last consumers.

You can choose to trade your Sephora gift card on their website by proceeding to Their Whatsapp page where an agent will respond to you with rates and trade procedure.

Whichever trade medium you choose, each transaction does not take more than an average of 5 minutes and payment is instant.

Types of Sephora Gift Cards Accepted on

Listed below are the types of Sephora gift cards accepted on;


You’ll be able to trade different denominations of Sephora card on their site. Whether it’s a $50 or $200, you can easily sell it for Naira on


On, They accept the Sephora gift card of major currencies, especially USD. They buy USA Sephora cards at amazing rates. You can contact them on Whatsapp to sell your Sephora fast within 5 minutes.

Card Form

Now, there are some Sephora buyers that don’t accept e-codes and codes only, while some buyers don’t accept physical cards. This is not the case with As long as your gift card is unused, you’ll get paid. Make sure you have card code and pin, then you are ready to trade with us.

Why Is Considered The Best Site To Sell Gift Cards? beats other platforms hands down when it comes to selling gift cards, below are some unique properties:

  • Trade Gift Card Online Within 5 Minutes
  •  Sell Gift Card At Best Rates Instantly
  •  Instant Withdrawal Of Funds, No Queue
  •  Payment In Naira, Cedis, RMB Or Bitcoins
  •  100% Secure Server And Trusted Service
  •  24Hours Availability Of Service

How to Exchange Sephora Card for Naira on

To sell gift card on their website, there are two options:

  1. You can for instantaneous trading.

Finally, a lot of websites online will propose to you with different Sephora gift card rates. But be careful and do not sell your card to a middleman who might elope with your funds, rather trade with a trusted platform.

At, They buy Sephora gift cards at an amazing rate, offer a user-friendly platform and instant payment. This is why their customers keep coming back to trade. You can become their customer today.

What Is Sephora Gift Card Used For?


Regardless of whether you astound them with eGift Cards or Classic Gift Cards, they can be redeemed in stores, on the web, and at Sephora inside JCPenney. No Fees. No Expiration. *When you buy an item or redeem a Gift Card esteemed at $50 or more, you are qualified to get a complimentary 45-minute Custom Makeover.

Can I Use Sephora Gift Card Online?

Gift cards are physical cards with a 16-digit card number and a 8-digit PIN. You can pay for your U.S. stock request with a Gift Card, eGift Card, or an eGift Certificate. Gift vouchers and eGift Cards can be utilized on the web, on our portable application, in U.S. what’s more, Canada Sephora stores, and at Sephora inside JCPenney Stores.

How Much Is On My Sephora Card?

You can check the Gift Card page at There is a segment of the page where you can check the amount at the base of the page.  A Cast Member can check the amount for you for Gift Card or eGift Cards (for U.S. stores) (on the off chance that you have a printout or your portable device).

you can visit the website on to trade your gift cards now

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