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Hush! You’ll Never Succeed In Your Blogging Career – See Why

Hush! You’ll Never Succeed In Your Blogging Career – See Why

Blogging is no more a thing of play as it was some years back, many people earn their living through blogging and that is why today up to 500+ new blogs are being created every single day but according to researches being made, it proved that only 10 to 12% of the blogs use to be active for the next 3 months after it was created.

Why is this so? This happens as a result of the blog owner being emotionally demotivated because of the poor result that he/she got after running his blog for such long period of time (3 months or so…..) Below are 5 reasons why most bloggers fail .

1. Poor Passion:

This is the number one reason why most bloggers fail at early stage, most of them don’t have passion for blogging and still they would like to blog because they see some of the successful bloggers who are making mouth watery monthly income from their blog. Not just in blogging, in all activities in life passion is the major factor that determines the rate of your successfulness.

2. Too Eager To Earn Money:

Yes! you read it right, most newbie bloggers started blogging just for the purpose of making money ,I know money is a good motivator but it is absolutely wrong to have the mindset of making money from blogging at the first place because the money won’t come so easily, it will require much hard work before you can smell or begin to think of making money from your blog.

I have seen many people quit blogging because they don’t earn from their blog and I wouldn’t like you that is reading this to be like them, don’t quit hard work is all it requires to get there.

3. Wrong Niche:

The number 1 mistake most newbie bloggers make when they start out and even experienced bloggers make is choosing the wrong niche, this makes them to quit updating their blog frequently or to shut down the blog entirely due to the fact that they are not passionate about what they blog about.

Before you kick start your blog do research, find out what and what that you have passion for and focus on that, don’t just choose a blogging niche because you see other successful bloggers in the same niche.

4. Ignoring Seo:

You want to build a blog that can stand out from the overcrowded blogosphere and you are ignoring seo? it is very bad and if you don’t know it is amongst the reason why most bloggers fail (lack of traffic ) ,the traffic that comes from most search engines like Google is regarded as the best because the searchers are desperate and can stay longer on your blog thereby reducing your bounce rate.

I advise you to start implementing all the Seo strategies on your blog today for your own good.

5.Having Multiple Blogs At A Time – Newbies:

Some people don’t concentrate on one blog rather on multiple blogs, it is hard to develop a blog to the extent that you can run it all together with other blogs, it will get you thinking of which blog to update or work on first and when such starts,frustration follows and once frustration is present, you will begin to think of quitting.

The best thing to do is to stick with one blog and invest millions of your time on it, you will be baffled with the result that you are going to get after some months.

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