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Simple Tips That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level

Simple Tips That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level
Tips That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Tips That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level, this post contains all the necessary guidelines on the most important things that Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level.

7 Simple Tips That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level

The ultimate dream of every blogger is to own an internationally recognized blog with huge amount of visitors, backlinks, blog friends and more pointing back at their blogs. Though it requires efforts and hardwork to achieve such, it isn’t rocket science either.

In this post, I’ll quickly outline the top 7 points you must put into consideration if you really want to build a successful blog and also a community around your brand. This post would come in handy as a guide as I won’t be writing to bore you.

Below are the tips you need

1. Connect With Other Bloggers

Connecting with other bloggers out there in the blogosphere is a great way to get your brand and blog known. Not only would you exchange ideas on how to grow your blog, they could serve as referrals and thus improve your business.

2. Become A Comment Bot

Do you need quick attention from other bloggers out there? Then start leaving reasonable comments on their blogs. When I say become a comment bot, it doesn’t mean you should make unnecessary comments on blogs. Your comments should either ask reasonable questions or make impact in contributions to the article you just read. Do not leave comments such as “Nice post” as they could be annoying and the most bloggers like me would send such to the trash.

3. Guest Posting

Guest Posting on other top blogs is another strategy to get your brand/blog to the top. All you need do is find the blog that has your target audience, write a nice post that appeals to them and funnel the traffic down to your blog. It is one of the most effective ways for me in creating awareness for this blog.

4. Get Social & Make Your Readers Talk About You

You might be wondering how you can get readers talking about your blog, but it’s simple. Give them content they love, add social sharing buttons on your site and watch the magic happen. Your readers would willingly share your articles across their social media profiles. One thing to bear in mind is not to give them an endless option to choose from. I would usually recommend 3 social networks sharing buttons on your blog posts.

5. Don’t Blog Anonymously

Everyone out there would love to relate and talk to a person. No one wants to read a blog that is written by a bot, with this in mind, make sure you blog with your name and avatar on your blog. It would help increase your users interactions and activities on your blog.

6. Great Content Rocks

The phrase “Content Is King” can never be overemphasized. Make sure you are able to churn out articles that would wow your audience, this would keep them coming back for more and also letting others know about you. Read articles that would help you improve your writing skills and try your best to offer your readers new content on a periodic basis.

7. Advertising

Want to reach out to more people? Then you have to invest in advertising. There are a couple of things to invest for your blog, and advertising your blog should find it’s way to the top if you have a budget for it. Advertising your blog would expose you not only yo new readers, but also to prospective clients which can result in leads.

Now Your Turn

I hope you found this handy guide helpful. Feel free to join the conversation. I’ll love to hear your opinions and learn from you. Let me know what other tip has moved your blog to the next level using the comment section below. Happy blogging!

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