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Techniques To Write a Blog Post That Will Keep Readers Coming

Techniques To Write a Blog Post That Will Keep Readers Coming

You want to write that one post that matters to the audience. You sit in front of your computer and just start writing. Note that it not just the length of your article that matters, nor is it frequent mentions of your supposed keyword. All your readers want is quality. It’s so important that even Google consider the quality of an article before ranking it.

While writing a blog post, your intention should be pleasing your audience as well as search engines. Make new points, give real examples, preferable using your experience and hit that point everyone wants to hear. I wished this was all, but there’s more to writing an amazing blog post than you could imagine.

In this article, I will be sharing with you how to write that one blog post everyone wants to read. I’ve been using this techniques and it seems to be working fine so far. Let’s hit the road.

Secrets to Write A Better Blog Post

Outline Your Sub-Topics

Will your blog reader find your blog post worthy enough?  This question is tied down to making an agenda while writing your content. Think and know how your content will be drive your readers. What is the end goal of your content? This also has to be kept in mind and followed up as you write your blog contents.

Editorial calendars are sure ways to make sure you stay on track, so I recommend you setup and maintain one for your blog. Make outlines for each topic you write, like creating of sub-points and still end up at the targeted goal of your topic will do a great job more than you could imagine.

Create Brilliant and Catchy Title

Your blog title matters a lot, and this is the attraction between your blog and your readers. Now do something to make them click your Post. Originally, I would have titled this post “How to write a quality blog post” Damn! A whole lots of article are online talking same shit. What I simply had to do is make the title attractive. For sure you really want to see secretes, and you go ahead to click on my blog post to read.

Sometimes making controversial titles can scare readers off your blog, but bringing it in once in a while will do no harm. Keep in mind the essence of your blog post and do not create catchy titles that will lead you o of the point.

Make Post Clean and Organized

You sure need a well formatted and structured article to call it a blog post actually. When your article is not arranged properly, it may confuse your readers and in turn scare them away and this will lead to the downfall of your blog, because of course the power of a blog is in the audience.

I usually prefer to write the first draft of my new blog post on Microsoft Word.

In organizing your blog post, it’s advisable you add the following:

  • Headings
  • Numbered lists
  • Bullet lists
  • Multilevel lists
  • etc.

Before then, let me give you a clue on how I write my blog post. I firstly open a Microsoft Word document, I will use this as a piece of rough to write and format my article before moving it to my blog. This means, I do not in any way need the internet to write. I can put my ideas down wherever I am and whenever I wish.

It’s advisable as a blogger for you to have any word editing software for easy formatting of word documents offline even before you take it live to your bog. For me I still recommend Microsoft Word for your word editing. This will help you organize your blog post and make it clean before taking it to your readers and avoid keeping your readers confused. Remember, your main aim of blogging is for your readers can benefit so if you don’t give then articles that will benefit them, then you are planning for your blog to be a ghost land where no one visits.

Write The Truth

Your blog readers trust you and you shouldn’t break that trust. They believe that what ever  you say it the truth and that your articles are authentic. Therefore, try as much as you can to respect that trust.

How can this be done?

For example I am making a review of a product, I will of course firstly test the product before telling my audience to go for it. If I do not run a test on it, and I end up encouraging my readers to go for the product, and along the line, there’s a flop, I pay for it by losing some of my readers.

It is therefore of great importance for your blog to be saturated with the truth that won’t get your users disappointed, this will create credibility and authority.

Make Your Content Personalized

Yes, I mean personalize your content. How do I mean?

You started your blog for pretty plenty reasons and have a dream of building your personal brand. Building your personal brand isn’t as easy as saying, it requires hard work and persistence. But before then, you should know your onion. Your readers prefer to get experiences from the authors table rather than reading mere stories. Now working your way to building a personal brand makes you work extra miles.

Do not just write on the surface, write in details of what you want your readers to know. Make it as understandable as you can and make sure you do as much research as you can to give broad knowledge of the topic to your readers.

Take Advantage of On-Page SEO

Here we dive into a different direction. Ever since, from the first point to the fifth point, I talked of how to speak to your audience, but here in the sixth point let’s talk of how to communicate with search engines.

Writing an article on how to work on your on-page SEO will surely be another post, but before then, I will like you to read on on-page SEO on this post by Brian Dean.

If your blog is wordpress self-hosted, then I will recommend you use plugins like Yoast SEO plug-in. This will really be a guide for you.


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