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Tips Choosing Best Magento Theme e-commerce Store

Tips Choosing Best Magento Theme e-commerce Store

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If you are looking at scalability, setting up an e-commerce store is one of the best ways of going about it. The first step is to choose the platform on which this e-commerce store is to be built. One of the most popular and efficient e-commerce platforms available today is Magento – the platform is very robust due to being open-source, and it is also very feature-rich. Magento along with the right Magento developer can help your business to reach great heights. To save time and cash, you could choose to set up an e-commerce store using themes as opposed to starting from ground zero and setting up the entire website brick by brick. You can use the many features offered by themes to make your online store as appealing as possible. Let us look at a few tips to consider for choosing the best magento theme for your e-commerce store


A theme’s capacity for customization is an extremely important factor to consider. Even the ‘best’ theme will require a few tweaks here and there from time to time, as what is most suited for your website today can become outdated with time unless the necessary changes are carried out whenever the need arises. Your business can grow extremely quickly, and the theme’s capacity for customization should allow for changes to accommodate this growth. Innovation and change is continuous in web technology, and a lack of customizable capacity can cause your business to get left behind. All this makes Magento customization a very important factor that needs to be given due consideration. While hiring a Magento developer, make sure that they are sufficiently skilled in Magento theme customization.


E-commerce store sales and search engine rankings are closely related. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider SEO-friendliness while choosing a theme for your e-commerce store. An SEO-friendly theme means quick indexing. Therefore, make sure that your theme contains SEO-friendly features. One of the advantages of going for Magento is that the platform’s core scores high on SEO-friendliness.

3.Integration with Social Media Channels:

Today, the world of the internet is one ruled by social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Business-owners are successfully using social media as a tool for improving sales. The theme that you choose for your e-commerce store should have features which allow for good integration with social media channels, like social update features for getting fan page updates, tweets etc. During Magento development, make sure that integration with social media is covered by the Magento development company that you hire.


While developing your e-commerce business, make sure that you also give importance to m-commerce. Today, it is almost impossible to see an individual who doesn’t have a smartphone. More and more people are using their smartphones for shopping and carrying out research on products. In short, neglecting m-commerce can lose you a lot of business. Therefore, mobilizing your e-commerce store should not be treated as an option but as a must. A responsive theme will help you to reach mobile users and shoppers. Only hire Magento developers who treat responsive design as a must-have for the theme during Magento development.

5.Slides and Banners:

Not only do promotional banners and slides help an e-commerce store to retain visitors by making it visually interesting, they can also boost sales. Placing promotional blocks the right way can help with effective message delivery. Therefore, it is recommended to select a theme which supports slides and banners and has spaces and blocks for the same.


An aesthetically-pleasing theme is not enough to impress visitors – you also need a theme with a user-friendly interface for credibility among shoppers. Go for a theme that can make visitors feel at ease and comfortable while looking through your store. There are many features which make an interface user-friendly – for example, an auto-hide menu panel.

7. Cross-Browser Compatibility:

The theme that you select should feature compatibility across different browsers. It would definitely be a disaster to choose a theme which doesn’t function properly across different web browsers, as web browser-preference can vary greatly across users.

8.The Latest Technologies:

While selecting a theme, it is important to check whether it comes with the latest technologies. Such technologies include CSS3, Bootstrap 3, SASS, HTML5 and Font Awesome 4. It is these technologies that help with the effective functioning of your e-commerce store.

9.Visual Appeal:

Visual appeal can go a long way towards boosting e-commerce sales. A website which lacks visual appeal will have trouble retaining the interest of visitors, and suffer a high bounce rate. Visual appeal can help to motivate visitors to keep coming back to your website. Not only should the theme that you select look great, it should also suit your brand and business. For example, the ideal look for an e-commerce store selling greeting cards and one selling sporting goods will be different. The right Magento development company will make sure that the theme not only looks great but is also the perfect fit for your business.


Not only should the theme have the right colours, but also the right colour combinations and proportions. While it is true that one is spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer number of available options as far as colour themes are concerned, the question is ‘Which is the right choice for my e-commerce store?’ A skilled Magento developer can help you pick a theme with the right colours in the right balance.

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