NEW: Top 10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

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Welcome to INCOME NIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria, this post contains all the necessary details on Business Ideas for Nigerian students.

Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

It all started out like this….You call home on phone.

You: Mummy, I have just exhausted my pocket-money that you sent to me last week. I used it to buy project materials. I also bought some provisions last week and  I have nothing left on me again. Can you please send me some money again?

Mom: Do you think I use to pluck money from trees? When i was in school i never disturb my own parents like this…. you think its only you am training. We haven’t been paid yet, wait for next month…..

Meanwhile there is this guy in your hostel, Busy living large without calling home…Don’t doubt your instincts, he is not a mummy’s boy. He is simply a young opportunist, Making money in school by offering services needed. And getting paid for it.

And that’s what brings you to here, Seeking for Business Ideas as a Student in Nigeria.

Of course There are a lot of Business you can do as a student while you are in school. For instance, when i was in school I owned a Barbing saloon and a Game house. It wasn’t that easy to combine with school However, i was able to pull it through. I used to know of this guy who writes current affairs material  and go straight to primary schools to sell them. He meets up with the principal and bids to be a regular supplier of the school. And that’s where your business acumen gets to purpose.

Before you start-up your own business as a Student in Nigeria, There are few things I want you to ask yourself.

Do you have any business skills?  Any talent that you have acquired so far. Do you have enough  passion burning inside you to venture into the business world?  Research has proved that doing a business that you have passion for is  the best lucrative business approach.

If yes, then you are good to go.

Here is the list of the top 10 business ideas for aspiring student entrepreneurs.


This includes business you do without going to the Internet.

Barbing saloon/ Hair dressing business

Barbing or hairdressing is one of the most lucrative business idea i will suggest for any Nigerian student. Barbing/hairdressing is a career that is inevitable. Students want to look good all the time, they want to carve their hair, they want to fix some hair and trim their hair. It doesn’t necessary mean you would have a barbing or hair dressing saloon.

All you need is to have the skill and be very good at it. Once you are good at plaiting or barbing, the rest is history. you can practice at the front of your dorm door where people can be able to see you. In our modern days, Hair plaiting/fixing cost as much as 2000 Naira while barbing cost for 500 Naira plus the extras…..You can acquire this skills too by applying to be an apprentice in a hair dressing workshop. within months, you will gather all the necessary skills you need to start-up.

Make up services

This is another good business idea for Nigerian students. A lot of students wants to learn how to do make ups perfectly. if you are good at this, you can organize a make up seminar then charge some fees for tutoring them. You can also do make up for people for some fee.


photography Business

Am not talking about selfies here. If you have good photographic skills, You can purchase a good HD camera like KODAK. Student need pictures for so many activities like birthday pictures, Matriculation pictures, Events memorials, personal collection and passports. Dust your camera and get out there and start clicking. Make sure to remember, you have to market yourself properly.

Drop your numbers everywhere, print a poster and paste on walls of different corners of your school and in no time you will get people calling you every now and then. You can also get online if you are good with social media marketing.

Still On offline Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Baking business

When i was in school, I knew of a guy called Falz. This guy has a car, lives in a well furnished apartment and used the most expensive gadgets. I started wondering what he did to make money. I decided to get closer to him and to my big surprise he was a baker. He bakes cake, cookies,etc any thing you can think off that enters the oven.

This is business ideas you neglect as a student but it’s very lucrative as it seems. It’s not limited to any gender, both male and female can do well in this business. All you need is to acquire the basic knowledge of baking. You can go to a catering school or meet any friend you know to teach you.


Popcorn Business

Oh, my. I am already salivating…..the smell of popcorn is almost unnegletable, you always stop to buy a handful. You can purchase that machine used for making popcorn and employ somebody to help you with the sales. This is a very lucrative business as a Nigerian student. Once you secure a stand in your school premises, get ready to have a bank account full of Naira. 100% guaranteed.

Still on Offline Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Painting services

This requires great painting skills. Nobody wants an ill painted room. If you are very good at painting, then you are good to go. All you need is your experience, your wooden brush,white tapes and painting clothes. This is one of the cheapest business to start-up as a student in Nigeria and yet very lucrative. You can paint a single room for 8000 Naira. This includes exotic designs       and perfect work. As long as you are you are very good at painting and you have a good marketing strategy, Forget it. Get ready to start smiling at your bank account.

Art works

This is my favorite too. Who doesn’t like a good artwork hanging on the walls of their well painted room. Not only that it beautifies the room, It tells another story on its own. If you are good at art painting and drawing, while not commercialize it?

Advertise your artwork on your Instagram account, your Whatsapp status, Facebook school groups and put “for sale” caption. You will start getting work every now and then.

 And that is all for Offline business ideas for Students in Nigeria. Now lets talk about;

Online Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

This are businesses you do on the internet with your android phone, tablet or Private computer. Number one on my list of online businesses for Nigerian students is;


You all know what blogging is, Don’t you? If you Want to Know more about blogging, I wrote a very detailed post on it here.

This is a very lucrative online business if you are very good at it. Firstly you have to know a topic you are passionate about. Topics like Fashion, Gossips, Dating, technology etc. You can make a lot of money blogging by monetizing it with google Adsense or by selling your own personal products. You can read more about this here.

Graphic Design

If you have a basic knowledge on how to use Corel draw, Photoshop and adobe illustrator, you can get yourself to purpose by doing freelance services on website like Fiverr, Upwork and These website has lots of customer base and visitors everyday. You can charge them for services rendered.


Website design.

Every business in the country is now getting online and there have been an increase demand for website creation in Nigeria. All you need is to learn how to design website, how to write php codes, how to customize html codes and so on. This business is very lucrative as you can charge as much as 25,000 Paira for one website creation. If you are business inclined, You can also choose to organize seminars and tutor individuals on how to design a professional website for a fee.


Freelance writing

A lot of Nigerian blogs need professional writers to write articles for their readers. If you are very skilled in writing, this is a very big opportunity for you. All you need is to contact owners of website with your proposal. They would give you a test and if you are good enough, they can hire you to be writing for them. Don’t let your writing skills waste away, put it into use. You can write for us by visiting this link too. You might get lucky if we find your skills worthy enough for our readers.

Jumia agent

Do you have good promotional skills? Are you very good at marketing? Do you have a huge following on Facebook, twitter or Instagram? This is an opportunity for you to start making money from them. Quickly register online as a Jumia agent and help them promote their products to your followers. You will get a commission each time someone buys through your link.

And that’s all on business ideas for Students in Nigeria. I hope you enjoyed reading?

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Thanks and remain blessed,

Written by Godwin, C.E.O INCOMENIGERIA. Click Here to read about my Journey so far to this point i am.


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