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Top 10 Reasons To Use A Custom Domain With Your Blog (blogger)

Top 10 Reasons To Use A Custom Domain With Your Blog (blogger)
Reasons To Use A Custom Domain With Your Blog

Welcome to INCOMENIGERIA, Are you interested in articles about Reasons To Use A Custom Domain With Your Blog, this post contains all the necessary details on Top 10 Reasons To Use A Custom Domain With Your Blog.

Using A Custom Domain With Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, many people tend to settle for blogger as it is very easy to use, in managing,and updating posts. is very popular and yet a totally free blogging platform. Its simple to use, easy to navigate, customize even the newbie to the blogging world wont find it hard setting up a blog page. According to Alexa the traffic rank is ranked #48 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Compared with all internet users, the site’s users tend to browse from home and school, and they tend to be women earning less than $30,000 who have postgraduate educations. About 23% of visits to it are bounces (one pageview only). Search engines refer about 2% of visits to the site. While approximately 20% of visitors to come from the US, where it is ranked #48, it is also popular in Malaysia, where it is ranked #7.But,WordPress is the premium blogging platform of this era with its robust plugins and unmatched flexibility.But,I will rather not start comparison in this post as i wil be concentrating mainly on what the title states.

Top 10 Reasons To Use A Custom Domain With Your Blog (blogger)


…With a custom domain you will no longer need to get your self sticked to the long URL with blogspot.You can use your blog to brand yourself with for niche the area with a unique template,nice favicon and logo.This can provide you entire new look


With a custom domain, you give your self a professional image.This will bring you more affiliate sales,more crowd to advertise on your blog and review offers.Besides this it is far more easy to get your adsense account approved with a custom domain.

3.Social bookmarking::

Various popular social media site like digg don’t give hearty welcome to blogs with blogspot or wordpress subdomain.

4.Blog tracking::

The custom domain gives you back the diluted ranking of your blog in Techorati,Alexa,etc.The blogs having blogspot or wordpress subdomain may confuse the tracking sites to recognise them s individual blog.


You love blogging .So,just spend few dollars/naira for something which is your passion.I bet with a custom domain you be more serious towards blogging.


Don’t worry about page ranking.It won’t change drastically.Just keep updating links from directories and other blogs.Page rank will gradually soar.


All your traffic will not get lost.With the option available with Blogger you can easily forward all your links to the new address.Absolutely no change with your feed.

8.Google Apps ::

With Google apps you can have your own professional email id.

9.Bandwidth and storage ::

Unlike some other blog services, for you to use a  custom domain, you need to start looking for how to host your website, having this in mind you will need to get your self bothered about file storage and bandwith, but Google won’t charge you for bandwidth usage and you will get unlimited storage space for all your texts,images ,etc from multiple profiles.It is that easy.


It is not that costly to get a domain name.You can get it with around 10$/ 1500 naira and it’ll become even less with coupon codes.The domain name .info will cost you around 2$.And that is the only thing you pay for. all other is free.

So i believe if you really want to create a professional looking blog, or rather be a proffessional blogger i will advice you settle for a custom domain. Note: This doesn’t mean sticking to the default blogger subdomain, you have no chance of been a professional blogger, as it there are many proffesional blogsites that still use the blogger subdomain as its URL.

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